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Under the guidance of writer/producer/guitarist Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob comes a new group  called Her Chariot Awaits, featuring Ailyn, formerly of Sirenia on lead vocals. That combination, along with Jeff Thal on drums and Brian Gearty on bass melds into a fascinating combination of heavy, assertive rock and melodic, classically influenced vocals. Orlando has said that the music is “geared more towards the commercial side of rock.” These eleven songs on their self-titled album definitely lean toward the sound of female-fronted metal and rock bands that you might hear on the radio, while continuing to have a sound unique to the band. 

The first track, Misery, immediately alerts you to Ailyn’s incredible vocal range if you weren’t already aware of it. The guitar shreds all the way through this tune with a great solo as a cherry on top. Dead and Gone is a tune for which a video has already been released. Ailyn’s vocals definitely have a pure but haunting quality and the beat is extremely tight. In several songs, such as Screaming Misfire and Stolen Heart, we hear Ailyn switch from that classically trained voice to a vocal fry technique that she clearly has mastered as well. Both of these songs could also easily be a hit, as they have a bit more of a mainstream sound. 

There is a surprising cover of KD Lang’s Constant Craving thrown in the mix before hitting it hard again with Say No and Line of Fire. Orlando lends some vocals to Turning the Page and Take Me Higher. Next to last is more of an emotional ballad with Just Remember, and again, Ailyn stands out as a singer at the top of her game. The final track, Forgive Me Dear ends the album on a raw, heavy note. All in all, a solid product for this band that will hopefully continue to collaborate in the future.

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