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hibria_silent_revengeThis Brazilian melodic power metal outfit are better known perhaps in Japan and South America where after releasing three studio albums, they have toured and worked hard to raise their profile.  Now they reach out further as they promote their fourth album Silent Revenge.

If you’re a fan of old school thrash with a strong presence of melody, then this constantly turning and twisting bombardment of riffs will smack your ears around and leave you with a smile.  Vocalist Iuri Sanson gives a great performance here with clear and powerful vocals which compliment the melodies that weave in and out of Silent Revenge, although these nine songs hardly constitute a ‘silent’ revenge!

The real trick has been balancing the riffs and energy with their sense of melody.  To some they are power metal, but whatever the label you assign to they are metal of heart, and metal of soul.

There are moments which set these guys apart from any old metal band.  Listen to the melodic breakdown during Deadly Vengeance for example, or the tender Shall I Keep on Burning.  (Incidentally, there is an acoustic version of the latter available as a bonus track on certain versions of this album.)

From an anthem like The Scream of an Angel to the rampant riffs on the opening title track, or the eight minute-plus epic The Way It Is, seem to have covered all of their varying textures and dynamics plus provided the listener with some fine compositions to digest.  There is a moment during The Way It Is that provides the band with an opportunity to showcase some virtuosity.

With bands like Helker and both coming out of South America and doing justice to this form of metal, it makes you wonder what other delights are awaiting us from that part of the globe?

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