HINDER LIVE – The Masquerade Heaven Stage, March 17th, Atlanta GA

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The Masquerade opened Heaven to a night of intense music on a clear and crisp Sunday night in Atlanta, GA.  Sound checks could be heard by the fans already standing in line giving them the chance to catch a glimpse of the band mates running up and down the rickety wooden stairs of the old mill turned concert venue, with the three stages being named for the destinations of the afterlife: Heaven, Purgatory and Hell.

DSC04765 HINDEROnce inside, fans flocked to the stage to claim their spot for the night.  Two opening bands blasted the crowd with a sound not to be expected by most openers.   The first to take the stage were Los Angeles natives, ACIDIC.  This threesome took the stage by storm opening the night with their set and a song titled Drive Thru, from their album Copper Man, released on March 19 2013;  just two days after the Atlanta show.  With a hint of a Green Day sound, this trio never slowed down once they took the stage.  Throwing in their rendition of Come Together by the Beatles had everyone along for the ride.

Charm City Devils were priming to take the stage for their show; the riffs already being played by their guitarists was an astounding prelude of what was to come.  The lead singer bounded onto the stage with a presence like he was channeling some of the best lead singers of the past few decades.  This Baltimore, Maryland band took the audience by the throat and had them chanting along with the chorus “Can I get a Hell Yeah” from their song, True Love.

IMG_0785 HINDERThe old wooden floor creaked under the weight of the crowd gathered for the headlining band.  Several screams of “!” rang out and a few cat calls from girls waiting to see them finally take the stage.  Up All Night brought the band out to screaming fans and it was on!  Leading the band, Austin Winkler; also lead the audience.  All eyes were fixed on him as the band belted into See You In Hell, from their newly released album Welcome To The Freakshow, recently released on December 4, 2012.  Take It To The Limit kept the energy alive and fans singing along.  Guitarists Joe “Blower” Garvey and Mark King dueled the riffs the entire night but really showed their mastered skills during All American Nightmare.

Slowing it down with What Ya Gonna Do, never stopped the audience as they were still pumped their fists in the air and ready for more of what was being offered.  Winkler chuckled as he called out the title to the next song, Ladies Come First, which had a few female followers squealing with delight and the guys whistling until the first chord of the song started.  A pounding beat from drummer Cody Hanson demanded attention; the deep bass sound  from Mike Rodden and the suggestive lyrics coming from Winkler had women slithering around.

IMG_0690 HINDERA few more songs entertained the crowd before Hanson and Winkler were left alone on the stage for a small acoustic set with new tune Get Me Away From You and Thing For You, from the Take It To The Limit album.  Picking up the tempo with Use Me and jumping into more new songs with their forthcoming single,  Should Have Known Better, and Talk To Me added to the fans excitement.   All American Nightmare was definitely the sound that is known for, and Lips Of An Angel will always be the classic fan favorite.

IMG_0559 HINDERSave Me and How Long rounded the end of the night’s performance for .  Fans were screaming for more as they stood in the dark of a room, called Heaven, waiting anxiously to see what the band would perform for their closing song.   The band returned to a green lit stage to wish and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Winkler introduced each band member and thanked everyone for spending one of the greatest drinking holidays with them.  Winkler then said, “if you’re easily offended, this song isn’t for you!  It’s about getting high and hate sex…” With that, the place erupted  into howls and screams.  Get Stoned finished out the night.  Hinder more than gave Atlanta’s  Masquerade Heaven a night to remember; you can only imagine what they’d do in a room called hell.

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