Hookers And Blow Celebrates Ten Years at the Whisky

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a - IMG_6779It seems like yesterday when Guns n’ Roses keyboard player Dizzy Reed ponied up to the ill fated Cat Club in West Hollywood and turned on the juice with his top notch renditions of G n’ R tracks and popular classic rock covers. The names may have occasionally rotated in and out of the band through the years of on-stage performances, but the facts remain; in a world where hard rock gets overlooked by FM radio, the club going public continues to show support when the bad boys come to town! On September 5th, 2014, Hookers and Blow closed out a hot Saturday night at the Whisky with an explosion of real rock reverence. Fans poured in to support the Los Angeles appearance of Hookers and Blow during the 10th Anniversary Week of Celebration.

a - IMG_7083The band announced on the social network that they would hold two performances, this night at the World Famous Whisky-A-Go-Go and the following night at Vamp’d Vegas. As the band performs their renditions of classic favorites, it’s always been a surprise to see who would join the band on stage to add their personal spin to the festivities. Even in the past year, members of the Cult, Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson’s band have appeared at venues where H&B has taken the stage, and tonight included some guests well worth mention.

The band took the stage right on time, showcasing true professionalism, and kicked off the set with the songs Pretty Tied Up, Dust n’ Bones and It’s So Easy. With Dizzy Reed on vocals and keyboard, Alex Grossi (Hotel Diablo/Quiet Riot), Matt Starr (Ace Frehley)and Mike Duda (W.A.S.P./Hotel Diablo) the audience was more than satisfied. They rolled into Don’t Cry.

a - IMG_8436Announcing the first guest of the night, they brought out Latin percussion genius Paul D. Blazek (Cale) and brought the acoustic/electric title I Used To Love Her to life. Blazek performed on a large pair of bongo type drums throughout the song. To extreme applause and a great sing-along, the band transitioned into You’re Crazy.

The next guest to join in on the fun was Teddy Zig-Zag Andreadis and his magical harp work. He grabbed the mic and greeted the crowd with some playful banter and belted out some amazing harmonica tones through Bad Obsession and a cover of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, as well as giving a bit of solo work for the crowd.

Next up, to play a feverish rendition of Godzilla were the Okai sisters from Binge. Radiating their unique playing style and beauty, the girls offered some fairly impressive fretwork on both the guitar and the bass. Grossi got on the mic before departing from the stage to remind everyone that on their first tour, the girls played alongside Hookers and Blow while making their mark on the music scene.

a - IMG_7667Grossi returned to the stage and the band shared some chuckles about how ”Rehearsing is over rated” and “What else can we play, we’re only prepared to do the eleven tracks we do for the show!” (Note that they played 12). The band jumped in to Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting and shared some quick stories about how it all got started ten years ago and thanked everyone for the support over the years. They cranked out a lively rendition of Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock and Roll and finished the night with both Blazek and Andraedis on stage playing Sympathy For The Devil. The floor of the Whisky was a delicate blend of pumping fists and dancing feet.

The band stuck around for a short time afterward to see friends and fans before tucking the equipment into the truck to head for the Las Vegas performance the following night.

If you didn’t catch the anniversary dates, don’t fret! Follow the band at their official Facebook page by visiting https://www.facebook.com/HNBMerch and look for upcoming performances. As they celebrated the first ten years, they offered hopes that it will continue for another twenty to come. It’s not at all impossible that it can happen.

CLICK HERE to view more photos from the show.

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