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Just a few months after their 2012 album Blood reached certified gold, has released their sixth titled Ritual on July 21, 2017 produced by Kevin Churko. When we interviewed Chris Howorth last month, he told us that this is more bluesy and raw with a more distinctive feel stylistically as opposed to their previous albums.

Ritual brings  back to the same and haunting vibe as Blood and a little less than Black Widow. Once again, lead singer breathes the role of acute honesty in her lyrics which is an enormous reason fans relate to each that puts out and the benevolence added by Howorth (lead guitar), Travis Johnson (bass), Randy Weitzel (rhythm guitar) and Kent Diimmel (drums) synchronize a culminating recipe that will leave fans wanting to indulge in listening to this repeatedly.

Salvation is track and a habitual instrumental start to all of ’s albums with its build of maximum intensity. Oh, Lord which was the first single released on Ritual projects a sound similar to The Pretty Reckless and exemplifies Brink singing for forgiveness and to cast the devil aside.  While some had mixed feelings about this track, it is undeniably catchy, raw and filled with some of Brink’s most compelling vocals to date.

Black Wedding, which features of Priest adapts the chorus from ’s White Wedding adding hip piano segments with robust guitar riffs and Brink’s mind blowing screamo vocals. The only negative side is that Halford’s vocals get lost in translation a bit because there is a lot going on, but this is of the memorable tracks on the album. Track four is a compelling, dark, eerie and exquisite of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight. While being honorable to the original arrangement, there is a sense of heightened emotion in Brink’s vocals and robust guitar that makes this version chilling to the bone. In This Moment manages to keep the  of the original and make it their own.

River Of Fire is incredibly similar to Oh Lord in the beginning, but stands on its own. Joan Of Arc is sultry and powerful with potential while The Witching Hour a familiar intro to that of ’s Dragula with the use of the same clip from Christopher Lee. The second single released on the is Roots and is arguably the most heavy hitting track lyric wise on the and vibrates in similarity to Blood and Whore.  is provocatively superb and the namesake of their current tour. 

Ritual is a blast from beginning to end and it is a breath of fresh air to hear In This Moment returning to some of their earlier textures and sounds. Since their stage shows are built around each record, the music from Ritual has all the makings to create a provocative, entertaining and alluring show.

For dates and locations of their Half Devil or purchase a copy of Ritual, please visit their website.


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