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a - IMG_9700Kicking the year off at NAMM and the Bonzo Bash, making appearances at the Whisky with the Rock Against MS benefit and popping up on stages across the country, Jack Russell is proving the word resilience and is stepping back into rock n’ roll as if years have been shaved off his existence. The band’s line-up is solid and after a good couple years fighting the effects of rock n’ roll aging, which is easily more harsh than just getting older, Jack Russell is showcasing exactly why Great White’s music has stood the test of time. As it would seem, it’s all about Jack!

On September 7th, 2014 at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, “Pirate” Jack Russell came out on stage, unhindered, moving around like a man half his age and singing with the authority of one of rock n’ roll’s hardest hitting bluesy rock n’ roll voices. This show was just one of the 45 he’s lined up for 2014’s tour schedule and all the while the band has been working on a new album!

a - IMG_0092On stage, featuring the permanent line-up and the band recording the new CD,
Jack Russell – Vocals
Robby Lochner – Guitar
Chris Tristram – Bass
Tony Montana – Guitar
Dicki Fliszar- Drums

The band ran the gambit of both favorites known to old school fanatics of the band’s archives as well as newer songs that offer a consistency for Russell’s brand of rock n’ roll. The set list was as follows:

01. On Your Knees
02. All Over Now
03. Moon
04.Mista Bone
05. Save All Your Love
06. Face The Day
07. Guitar Solo – Robby Lochner
08. Lady Red Light
09. House Of Broken Love
10. Drum Solo
11.Call It Rock & Roll
12. Shake It
13. Rollin Stoned
14. Rock Me
15. Immigrant Song
16. Once Bitten

a - IMG_9024Performing for over an hour and a half, sharing stories of his history and memories with Tony Montana from the early days of Great White, Russell entertained the crowd like it was 1988 all over again. The tour continues on to the Midwest before the band returns to California to put the finishing touches on the forthcoming CD release, with details to follow.

Find the band on Facebook by searching Jack Russell’s Great White, or get direct links by visiting http://jackrussellsgreatwhite.com.

CLICK HERE to view more photos from the show.

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