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Jacky Vincent - Star X Speed Story was born and raised in Portsmouth, England but came to America at the age of 20 to join the band Falling In Reverse.  He now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Vincent jokingly blames his father for his music career when his father gave him the album Appetite For Destruction by Guns N Roses when he was just six years old.  Learning to shred was a goal Vincent would set early and continue to work toward.

Vincent’s first solo project, Star X Speed Story, released on Shrapnel, is not your average album.  The album is guitar instrumental with several surprise guest appearances which features 13 tracks.  The track list includes  Maybe I Am A Wolf, Venom Love, Star X Speed, Without You, Heaven or Hell, Neo Concerto, If You Were Mine, Runaway Tryst, The Tempest, Fatal Envy, Burning Tears, Sidescroller, and I Can Never Go Home.  The guitar skills performed by Vincent are more than phenomenal.  He may consider himself a work in progress, but Vincent’s runs and shredding cannot be touched by many.  He plays music they way he feels it, FAST!  Each track proves the mastery and the passion behind his art.  Without You and If You Were Mine brings a slower feel to the album and Vincent definitely tells a story through his guitar.  One will feel as if one was being transported through time with hints of Joe Satriani.  Of course you cannot miss the guest appearances from Michael Angelo Batio on Star X Speed and Paul Gilbert on Heaven or Hell.

Star X Speed Story leads you on a story with excellent riffs and runs with jazz and heavy metal all coming together.  Unbelievable drum works by band mate Ryan Seaman and bassist Ron Ficcaro, along with new friend and guitarist Dario Lorina.  Get ready for speed, ’cause this one’s got it!

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