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Jizzy_Pearl_-_CrucifiedWhat began as a release from early 90’s band Love/Hate, perhaps best known for their tunes, Blackout in the Red Room and Wasted in America, has, at the final hour, become a solo release by former frontman Jizzy Pearl.

Due to the threat of some legal ramifications, Pearl decided to go a slightly different route with the release of Crucified, which is perfectly fine, especially for proponents of the idea that the “voice” makes the band.

And though Pearl is the only original Love/Hate member on this album, this 6-song digital release packs enough punch to please the fans one last time. Pearl, who recently joined Quiet Riot, says he is putting Love/Hate to bed for good with this mini-album.

Hanging You Out To Dry, the opening track is one of these fan-pleasers, as it deals with Pearl’s infamous Hollywood Sign stunt in 1992, and is also full of rip-roaring guitars backing Pearl’s signature raspy vocals. Sunny Day follows, a fun love song with a psychedelic vibe.

You’re Making Me Nervous makes the listener smile at the cheeky lyrics: “ Do you wish you were high? Can I get you a cocktail?” I Don’t Want To Be Your Baby fools you into thinking you are encountering the album’s ballad, and in a sense you are, but the lyrics prove it to be the anti-ballad. According to Pearl, “The guy not only doesn’t get the girl, he doesn’t want the girl.”

Love Is All is the most pleasantly surprising track. It is purposefully reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir and perhaps a little Ravi Shankar? Pearl ends on a bluesy note with Too Late.

All in all, a perfect way to say goodnight to Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate.

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