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IMG_2103As Halloween has come to an end and the coolness of fall has begun to settle in over the streets of Hollywood on November 5th, it was finally time for the adults to receive their treat of musical ecstasy from the grand talents of John 5 at the legendary Whisky A Go Go. Starting off the night were Power Tribe, Scurvy Kids and Doyle, who was the guitarist for the band The Misfits. Taking note of the local band Scurvy Kids from Covina, CA, these kids really knew how to work a crowd resulting in a moshpit, which is not as common on The Strip as it once was. If these kids keep it up, they have a shot at becoming another success story–you heard it here first!

As the stage was set up for John 5, any fan of horror films, most notably Rob Zombie’s 2012 film Lords Of Salem in which John 5 wrote and composed the score for, would have recognized those familiar eerie tunes as they played only adding to the anticipation of the show about to begin. In our October issue of Screamer Magazine, we had the pleasure of interviewing John 5 and he had mentioned his love of creature films and horror so it was no surprise in the choices of songs from different films such as the title score from the film Requiem For A Dream, was also chosen to engage fans while they waited.

IMG_2157At a few minutes after 11:00 pm, the music started and John 5 fiercely came out with all guns loaded. Being a longtime fan of his and this being the first experience seeing him live, he exceeded every expectation I had, as well as many who’d seen him before. John 5 effortlessly played his various guitars throughout the set, one that had glow in the dark green liquid in it and the famous LED lit up guitar and even broke out with a banjo. With songs like Flight Of The Vulcan Kelly and This Is My Rifle, it is crystal clear that he has the true talent to play live and to sound even better live. In listening to his recorded albums and then seeing him live, this is without a doubt the prime example of a musical mastermind. At one point John 5 gets on the microphone and acknowledges his appreciation for everyone there to see him play all of those notes and comments about how there will be a few guest appearances and the first one is Paul Gilbert who John 5 mentions had a project called Electric Fence in which he is extremely fond of. This was a juxtaposition of guitar genius and madness of dynamic proportions. As they powered through Michael’s Jackson’s Beat It and mixed in The National Anthem it was a performance that is beyond words. As stated in our October issue, John 5 is the Beethoven of guitar, he plays complicated riffs seamlessly as though the instrument is merely an extension of his body all while not losing his connection with the crowd.

IMG_2636As John 5 hints that the end is near, he makes an announcement that puts the icing on the musical cake he has made us. He announces Doyle to the stage followed by Rob Zombie who comes down the stairs to join them for a 1:50 song performance of Vampira, and there was no way to make the night any better. As Zombie exited the stage with a hug from John 5 and the crowd continued to roar, it was apparent that this was one of those “once in a lifetime, had to be there” kind of shows and it was one show that will never be forgotten.

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