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I Am the Empire is a definitive energetic live document showcasing what and who Kamelot are capturing at their September 2018 sold out show in Tilburg, Netherlands.

With a specialized, expanded setlist featuring 21 offerings from classics, fan favorites, rarities and a live premier, the medieval mates from the states pull off a grand spectacle with accustomed drama, ambiance and live bombast along with a few surprises and guests appearances.

Fans packed the 013 as the grandeur of their album covers came out musically with eye-popping lighting and showmanship. Kamelot brought the presentation with Tilburg bringing the passion.

An A-list of esteemed vocalists and growlers adorned the stage.  Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz growled like the gods while Delain’s Charlotte Wessels soared on Under Grey Skies a live premiere. Amaranthe’s Elize Ryd battled for the light on Sacrimony while Once Human’s Lauren Hart opened festivities with vocalist Tommy Karevik on Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire).

Highlights include the intro to March of Mephisto, the four woman string quartet Eklipse and Thomas Youngblood’s son singing lead choir on Burns to Embrace.

The show began with a dark-hooded Karevik emerging from a cloud of smoke into the Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire), with first guest Hart, opening duel pipes for Tilburg.

The Ghost Opera played its first tune ruling the world as high flames hissed and kissed the stage air.  Poisoned poetry flowed with riffed verse.  When the Lights are Down the Black Halo hovered.

My Confession featured the classical strings of Eklipse, with Veil of Elysium testing the Swedish Volume Knob capacity.

The debut of Under Grey Skies quieted things down with heads and hands waving bringing Wessels to the stage for a first time flawless performance.

The stage darkened with gothic, sinister intent as images of Gluz singing from a spell-casting text hovered over the screens. With battle-marching drums she emerged in leather and glistening black battling Karevik on mic singing clean and guttural growls to Mephisto.

Amnesiac shadowed the single spot-lit intro into Sacrimony’s battle between light and darkness with Gluz and Ryd trading vocal spars.

Karevik performed in the round next to the soundboard illuminated in cell phone glow on Here’s to the Fall with multiple angles and shots capturing the full effect and atmosphere.

The youth have the future as the Children’s Choir sang Burns to Embrace helmed by Youngblood’s son.

Haven made the evening’s last stand along with Gluz on Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy).

The show marked a staple event with a loud stamp of this is where Kamelot is in history.  If you’re a new fan, here’s what you’ve been missing.  If you’re a long-time lover, here’s a live remembrance until things get normal again.


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