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Prepare yourself for an album that provides both drama and constantly weaving epic musical backdrops.  Silverthorn begins the journey with a two-minute introduction mixing up some elegant piano with some husky, quietly spoken dialogue before launching into the urgent Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife), which showcases both the heavier end of their spectrum with the more melodic side.

This Florida-based power metal/progressive metal band have a new lead vocalist onboard as well, which can sometimes provide fans with some concern, but this is something that doesn’t seem to hold relevance, as Tommy Karevik’s performance is full of quality.  Guitarist Thomas Youngblood really knows this band, as Silverthorn is album number 10, and he is responsible for co-writing all of the material on offer here.  Youngblood is the real key on this album as he steers the texture and shape throughout.  Of interest is the co-writing credit on Falling Like The Fahrenheit, which goes to Bob Katsionis, rhythm guitarist and keyboardist for the Greek power metal band Firewind.

Listen out for other highlights, which include the majestic Song for Jolee, the powerful Torn and the epic Prodigal Son, which clocks in at just over nine minutes.  In some respects it’s doing Silverthorn an injustice to highlight a couple of the songs, as the whole album retains an ebb and flow which compliment the concept which is being shared.  Oh yes, this is a concept album.  Essentially this story contained within Silverthorn is about a family that spiral into lies, betrayal and how they deal with tragedy which begins with the death of a little girl called Jolee back in the 19th century.

Kamelot always provide that extra demand on the listener as the music sweeps you away and the lyrics resonate due to the nature of their storytelling.  Do yourself a favor and enjoy the journey.

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