Kill Devil Hill – Live at Las Vegas Country Saloon

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Overlooking historic Fremont Street is the Las Vegas Country Saloon, which was host to a night of unbelievable music this past Saturday.  LVCS is not your typical Vegas venue. It’s extremely laid back, and definitely has the saloon feel once inside the doors.

Substance, Protest, Girl on Fire, Black Water Rising and Eyes Set To Kill were the five opening bands that pounded the audience for over three hours before Kill Devil Hill took the stage.  Just after midnight, the lights go down and Kill Devil Hill is ready to rock.  This band features two rock veterans with Rex Brown, former Pantera and Down bassist and Vinny Appice, former drummer for Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven & Hell.  On vocals is Dewey Bragg, previous singer for Pissing Razors.  Acclaimed touring guitarist Mark Zavon rounds out the group.  This power package opens the night with No Way Out from their new album, Revolution Rise released October 29.  Brown in his black leather shirt, jeans and boots, with his white bass strapped on is in true form as he validates the reason he is a Grammy nominated, platinum selling bassist.  Appice is a king on his drum throne as Zavon rips his Gibson.  Bragg’s vocals are rich, deep, blistering and brings forth a stage presence to rival any heavy metal lead singer, and commands attention from the audience.

353The set list for the night interweaves songs from their first self titled album Kill Devil Hill and their second studio album Revolution Rise.  They effortlessly bring the music alive with a performance that will leave one spellbound.  Being labeled as heavy metal meets melodic rock, their ability to shift from one to the other to a riveting mix of both will leave all labels to the side.  Following No Way Out as the opener, the crowd is granted We’re All Gonna Die, Crown Of Thorns, War Machine, Why, Rise From The Shadows, Leave It All Behind, Hangman, Stealing Days, Wake Up The Dead, Long Way From Home, Strange and Life Goes On.

Bragg continues to solicit the crowd with his dynamic vocal range as he bounds across the stage with immense energy, leaving the fans wanting more.  Appice gives a masterful drum solo that is almost unfathomable as the crowd screams in appreciation. Between Brown on bass and Zavon on guitar, they serve up gut punching music that knocks the breath out of the audience.  Slowing it down with Long Way From Home, again the rich melodies are evident and showcases the many genre infusions this band will be known for.  284Zavon is on his knees ripping a solo to the shouts of several ‘hell yeahs’ and Brown again is a grandstanding artist in his own right.  As band mates are introduced again to the crowd, it is evident they did what they came to do; they came to rock and that they did.  Closing out almost two hours of heavy pounding rock, metal and melodies, Kill Devil Hill ends the show with Life Goes On.  The band give their thanks to the audience and the night is over.  Revolution Rise was brought to the stage and was executed amazingly by four electrifying artists.

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