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Killswitch Engage - Disarm the DescentEverybody should have already heard about Howard Jones’ departure and Jesse Leach coming back to Killswitch Engage. This change has created such interest and expectation in the new Killswitch Engage album that anything than perfect would be disappointing.

The album sounds awesome. The guys know their strengths and production is as close to flawless as an album can be. You are hard pressed to point out a weak point amongst the songs on the album. The strongest songs for me are “The New Awakening” a metal core model citizen with it’s blast beats and breakdowns, the galloping “A Tribute To The Fallen” and slower, atmospheric “Always” that could almost be a track from a Katatonia album. The songs feature great riffs, powerful solos and naturally Jesse’s powerful and beautiful vocals.

The album is well constructed. The order of the songs is well thought through and especially towards the end of the album you get a feeling that you are being prepared for the end. Where the album falls short is somewhat formulaic song structures. All songs have rough verses with clean vocals on the choruses that are laid on top of crushing riffs. In some of them the screaming and clean vocals have been layered on top of each others to build beautiful harmonies but even that fails to make the songs feel different. The music seems better enjoyed in small doses, for example through radio, rather than listening through the full album.

The album has been received extremely well by the fans. It is already #7 on the Billboard Top 200 and #15 in the UK charts.

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