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What’s not to like when you think of the infectious n’roll that  are known for?  The hooks that grab you by the ears as you find yourself tapping your toes to Girl Money, Cold or No Ring Around Rosie.  Incidentally, you get all of these three on their first ever official extravaganza.  In front of their home crowd, the guys get to exercise their frivolous energetic selves to Lie Like A Rug, Atomic Bombs, Cold Shower and many more including the big hit Don’t Close Your .

The overall sound on this affair is reminiscent of the wonderful Hot Wire  from 1991.  In fact this is quite the on many levels.  albums can be awkward audio beasts for many different reasons including sound quality, but not only is the sound good but you get to giggle as Steve Whiteman, lead vocalist and central protagonist, gets to share some banter with the audience.  He has plenty to share during the final song Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

My only query with this live  concerns the need to condense it to a single album, when the DVD format of this collection includes all of these songs but also adds Sex and The Itch, plus some displays of n’roll excess from the two guitarists Brian “Damage” Forsythe and Ronnie “10/10” Younkins.  There are double albums that a in all of their gory and do so successfully, so this curiosity remains a mystery.

Apart from this minor point,  In Baltimore is dripping in sweat and fun and provides a good reminder to all concerned that  are indeed back.  With the news that  are also stretching their creative muscles with a brand new opus on the way in 2013, it may be worth remembering that aren’t just for kids.

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