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Slipknot has created a name for themselves in the festival world with Knotfest and this being their second year back in San Bernardino the anticipation was killing the hearts and minds of thousands of California fans. After an explosive first day, with headliners like Korn and Judas Priest, these pumped metal heads were back for day two and this time, for the almighty Slipknot. This festival, unlike many others, showcases many up and coming bands, reminiscent of the old Ozzfest days.

The festival as a whole is set up differently than most. Down the hill and on the lawn is the Day festival with stages two through five, the motocross/monster truck demo and the legendary Slipknot museum. For the main show, the San Manuel Amphitheater is opened for the remainder of the acts.

Stages four and five were heated up early to get the metal mood going. With bands such as A Threat To The New Enemy and Disgorge, the circle pits were making the floor shake. On the new and improved stage two and three, now with a badass rotating stage for nonstop metal action with old school legends like Snot and Helmet, to newer metal acts like Beartooth and All That Remains. Beartooth put on an electrifying set, busting out tracks like Beaten in Lips and I Have a Problem.

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse

One of the bands everyone was waiting for were death metal legends the brutal Cannibal Corpse. Drawing one of the biggest side stage crowds of the day, Corpsegrinder led the charge in of the roughest shows I’ve witnessed in quiet some time. Dust and bottles flying everywhere, crowd surfers being thrown across the barricade and Cannibal Corpse destroying the stage; to say the least, it was pandemonium.

Knotfest and its unique set up creates the illusion of going to two different shows in the matter of one day. So in a way, the people get two big headliners to each show. Headlining the day festival for Knotfest Day 2 was the infamous punk legends Suicidal Tendencies. Opening up with a ripping fifteen minute long version of You Can’t Bring Me Down, Mike Muir and his posse of hardcore punks were there to show people that the Suicidal Army isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Playing classics like Cyco Vision, Institutionalized, and Possessed To Skate, every Suicidal fan, young, old, or new was grinning and banging their heads.

Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies

As everyone made their trek up the huge grassy hill when Suicidal was finished and filled in the crowd, seats, and lawn area, the excited tension was growing above everyone’s head for the show to begin.

When the lights finally dropped, Mobb Deep and Ghostface Killa opened the night with an enormous set filled with surprises and classic tunes. The old school rockers Clutch ripped the stage a new one. Sometimes people need to sit back and listen to some good rock & roll, and well, Clutch is the perfect band to do just that.

Bring Me The Horizon is a band that every metal head tends to enjoy. With their impressive array of music, they have touched upon many styles of the genre that the hardcore fans die for. Something that everyone enjoys is a cool light show, and that was well delivered for this set. With a gorgeous back-lit screen with excellent placement to the music, Bring Me The Horizon delivered a powerful set of old and new. The entire amphitheater was going crazy from start to finish.

Once Bring Me The Horizon exited the stage, the pre Slipknot jitters began to fill everyone’s chest. If you have never witnessed a Slipknot performance, the crowd is just as important as the band on stage. The crowd creates the energy for the band to feed off. The more energy the crowd emits, the more into it the band becomes, creating a monstrous performance, and Slipknot did just that.  With old school hits like People = Shit and Duality, a rare performance of Me Inside and the even rarer Metabolic, every age of Slipknot was shown here tonight. All NINE members were as tight as ever. It truly was like watching the end of the world on stage and nothing compares to a Slipknot show. Knotfest came to a perfect ending with the help of their founders and the crowd was left filled with anticipation of what the future holds for Knotfest.

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