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Kryptos - The Coils of ApollyonOne part Death metal, one part Thrash metal, and 100% heavy are helping keep traditional Death metal music alive in a sea of modern flavors with their release The Coils of Apollyon. Reminiscent of early Death metal groups like Death and Possessed, have muscled their way into the ranks of classic Death metal with nothing but their pure energetic sound.

This album starts out hard and never lets up. There is some moments where the group incorporates some more symphonic and even orchestral elements, but it doesn’t slow down the unstoppable ferocity of this album one bit. All it does is bolster the dark and eerie energy that surrounds the piece, first established by simply looking at the cover. With establishing an eerie and dark energy any group then has to back that energy with a similar sound and the group doesn’t disappoint. With elements of both Thrash and Death metal the sound doesn’t stop there, and goes on to incorporate both Black metal and Groove metal sound into the mix.

If there is one critique to give this album it’s repetition. Though there are elements that break it up at points, for the most part these songs are long and repetitive. Unless you are just a junkie of this kind of music, after about track four, “Nexus Legion”, it’s a challenge to keep listening purely because it all sounds so similar. This isn’t to say the music is bad, on the contrary for the genre the band is aiming for this album is spectacular, just the tracks are a little too similar for those with short attention spans.

With devastating vocals, blistering riffs, and musical precision have brought a fine example of classic and traditional Death/Thrash mixed metal to the field. This album is recommended for any fans of Death, Possessed, and early Slayer.

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