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is a band notorious for lineup changes, but they are also known for having some of the most loyal fans around.  There could never be enough words to describe the drive of this band and despite all they have been through they continue to come out on top.  With their new lineup in place, a possible new record on the way, and the amazing performances the band continues to give; it is easy to know that this is the true and this is here to stay.

IMG_0580It was just after midnight on a breezy Friday night when took over the stage at Count Vamp’d in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Phil Lewis, Steve Riley, Scott Griffin, and Michael Grant were all in attendance and this audience was ready to be given a true rock ‘n’ roll show.  As Lewis stated, “this is the original line up and it’s as good as it’s gonna get” but this show was about to be much more than just good.

Now although this is not actually the original line up, as many know, Lewis and Riley have both been members since ’87 and were part of the “classic lineup” of .  Griffin joined the two later in ’07 for a couple of years and again in 2011.  Grant, however, is the bands brand new guitarist.  Many might recognize him from his previous work in the band Endeverafter and was a perfect addition to the band.  These are the four pieces to the puzzle that the band needed and boy do they fit so perfectly together.IMG_0560

L.A. Guns has had more than their fair share of rumors and confusion surrounding the band both inside and out.  To put this confusion to rest just know that today there is only one band by the name of L.A. Guns featuring Lewis, Riley, Griffin, and Grant.  Previously there had been two versions under the same name touring the U.S. however, Tracii Guns went ahead and disbanded his version of L.A. Guns just a short time ago, in the summer of 2012.

Fast forwarding in time; the curtains were slowly pulled back, revealing a brightly light stage with the one and only LA Guns ready to rock.  A fast heavy riff picked up over the speakers and it was the opening of Talk About Love.  As this blasted through the speakers; the crowd couldn’t resist moving along.

It was a full house at Count Vamp’d and the crowd contained fans both veterans of the 80’s and modern rockers alike, even a Paul Stanley impersonator decided to make an appearance.  Right away the band put a spell over this crowd, who were hypnotized as soon as the riff began.  The band played for well over an hour and covered almost every single imaginable.

IMG_0583“Any Point Break fans out there? ” asked Lewis, “How about any Swayze fans out there?”  Just some small hints as to what song could be possibly be next and of course it was their single, Over the Edge, from the hit movie Point Break staring the one and only Patrick Swayze.  The band made sure to also play their love ballad The Ballad of Jayne along with many other hits from back in the 80’s.

Lewis did a great job of staying connected with the crowd, sharing some stories behind their songs, and always staying upbeat.  The band was also kind enough to play a new single that will be featured on the bands next album expected out sometime in the near future; including this new and improved line up.

Lewis also had some big news for Las Vegas, he admitted to being a new resident of sin city and the crowd made sure to give him a warm welcome home.  He had only became a resident a couple weeks ago and this was his first show as a resident.

Surprise after surprise, L.A. Guns still has so much to offer the world and they will not be going away anytime soon.  With a new record on the way and possibly more touring a lot can be expected in 2013 and as simply as Lewis stated, “Hollywood forever, but Vegas for now.”

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