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How many of your favorite bands that debuted in the 80’s are still putting out new music? Sure, there are a handful, but those numbers are fairly low. Well, after years of lineup changes, and even two bands using the same name for a period of time, are back with The Missing Peace via Frontiers Music SRL. This album also marks the reunion of vocalist Phil Lewis and guitarist Tracii Guns for the first time in close to 15 years, joined by Michael Grant on guitar, Johnny Martin on bass and backing vocals, and Shane Fitzgibbon on drums. Even the album cover seems to tell the story of the band and their trials and tribulations (compare it with the cover of their first album).

With the opening track, It’s All The Same To Me, it’s clear that the signature sound of is most definitely still in tact. Lewis doesn’t sound a day older and Guns’ chunky guitar riffs make for the perfect opener. However, the next track, Speed, could have easily filled that opening slot as well. Catchy and raw, this tune was the first single and video released from The Missing Peace. Next up are A Drop of Bleach and Sticky Fingers. And then what the ladies were waiting for, a great ballad, Christine. Jumping ahead to the second half of the album, the band is back on the heavy side of things with Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight and The Devil Made Me Do It. The Flood’s The Fault Of the Rain is a slower tune. The intro is reminiscent of The House of the Rising Sun by The Animals, but the mood and lyrics are deep and somewhat dark. The video for this song is a must-watch as well.

The album ends with the title track, which is an epic-style song in its own right, but so is the closing tune Gave It All Away. All in all, with The Missing Peace, maintain the sound that they are known and loved for without sounding dated, and the reunion of Lewis and Guns is reason enough to grab this album and take a listen.

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