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They say that everything old becomes new again and the current trend of remakes and remasters have proven that people crave nostalgic albums from their favorite artists, so there is no end in sight. Twenty years ago, Gothic Metal Italian band Lacuna Coil (Cristina Scabbia – vocals, Andrea Ferro – Vocals, Marco “Coti” Zelati – Bass, Diego Cavallotti – Guitar, and Richard Meiz – Drums) released their album Comalies which became the vehicle for their international breakthrough.  

Fast forward to 2022 and we not only have a brand new refreshing album bringing revitalization to an already epic album, but when you compare the old and new versions of each song you not only realize how far Lacuna Coil has come musically and as performers, but also how timeless those songs really are. Tracks like Swamped XX, Heaven’s a Lie XX and the first single off the new album Tight Rope XX, Comalies XX exposes a more complex side and heavier sound of Lacuna Coil that fans have embraced through the course of their career. It was a really interesting approach to include the original Comalies album with Comalies XX allowing listeners to go back and hear each track side by side comparatively and a thoughtful way to celebrate their musical journey. 

Rebuilt from the ground up, Comalies XX fills in some of the voids and missing elements that the first record had. Ferro’s growling vocals have certainly progressed and improved over the years and it was important to showcase the strengths and growth he has gained as a vocalist. Scabbia’s melodic prowess has always been the dominant element in Lacuna Coil and in this album, there seems to be more transparent equality vocally between them. Throughout the record, the now seemingly outdated Comalies from 2002 is still a relevant album but seems generic when compared to the new and improved Comalies XX which is a stellar way to celebrate such an incredible timeline for Lacuna Coil as they have gone from a more hollow sound to a more meaty metal sound. 

Starting with fan favorite Swamped XX, which didn’t initially feature assertive vocals from Ferro, was suddenly engulfed in his powerful growl that blends flawlessly with Scabbia’s powerful melodic vocals creating a more dramatic sound. The slightly more symphonic beginning of Heaven’s a Lie XX forgoing the original keyboard intro in juxtaposition with Ferro’s growling vocals being brought out from the background to lead with Scabbia really brought this song to the next level, embracing a more emotional and gothic sound than the original. Daylight Dancer XX sounds like a completely different track and once again Ferro’s vocals as well as the heavier overall sound give the listener a chance to contemplate and decide which version is their favorite. Tight Rope XX which was the first single to be released and has a striking contrast that was missing from the original recorded track with a more raw and gritty vibe. Title track Comalies XX shape-shifts into a massive anthem to close down this makeover of a classic Lacuna Coil album leaving fans to feel excited once again. Comalies XX is a clear reminder of why people became such loyal lifelong fans of Lacuna Coil. 

Happy 20th Anniversary Comalies.


Swamped XX
Heaven’s A Lie XX
Daylight Dancer XX
Humane XX
Self Deception XX
Aeon XX
Tight Rope XX
The Ghost Woman and the Hunter XX
Unspoken XX
Entwined XX
The Prophet Said XX
Angel’s Punishment XX
Comalies XX
Heaven’s A Lie
Daylight Dancer
Self Deception
Tight Rope
The Ghost Woman and the Hunter
The Prophet Said
Angel’s Punishment

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