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Lacuna Coil -DeliriumThere is an old sanatorium up in the hills of Northern Italy. An old, abandoned, and decayed fortress whose corridors are filled with the ghosts of a thousand tortured minds and souls. A place where every wall still bares the scars of countless damaged lives” – Lacuna Coil

Italy-based metal “Gothfathers” Lacuna Coil are set to release their eighth studio album Delirium on May 27th which according to singer Andrea Ferro is not the beginning of a new chapter in Lacuna Coil’s life, it is the beginning of a new book. Known for basing their albums on life experiences, Delirium takes a different approach and spirals you into the blurred lines between what is real and what is only in our minds. The decadent atmosphere and realities of what life was like for those who resided in a sanatorium in Northern Italy, Lacuna Coil sets the stage for not only their heaviest record yet but it is also their best and clearly longtime fans will not only be impressed by the delicious melodies and musical frenzy but they will recognize many characteristics of classic Lacuna Coil albums like Comalies and Karmacode. With the new addition of drummer Ryan Blake Folden, Cristina Scabbia (lead vocals), Andrea Ferro (lead vocals) and Marco “Maki” Coti-Zelati (guitar & bass),  Lacuna Coil seems to have reached a newfound parallel in their unity and Delirium conveys an honest and true voice for those who never had one.

House Of Shame, the first single to be released off of Delirium kicks the album off with no hesitation as Ferro opens with “run” with his most powerful screaming vocals to date. Released on April 8th followed by a lyric video, House Of Shame features a heavy introduction into the world that Lacuna Coil has entered. Scabbia’s mesmerizing and luscious vocals stream into a melodic state of intoxication as the song continues to escalate the view into the realms of the sanatorium. A battle between reality and delusion, this song clearly symbolizes what everyone goes through in their life when faced with a tough time or illness. Track two called Broken Things remains heavy but brings back some of the old school feel of Lacuna Coil’s Our Truth from their 2006 album Karmacode with its almost sexy groove between Ferro and Scabbia’s vocals. Their chemistry has always been transparent and this song showcases their ability to play off each other vocally. Title track Delirium which is the second single released on the album features a Middle Eastern flavor in the background vocals as Scabbia sings Delirium and Ferro comes in it continues the familiar feeling that fans have always been drawn to since their first album. Track four, Blood, Tears and Dust’s electronic tone and accelerated guitar riffs create a smidge of thrash metal in concert while keeping consistent with the overall album influence. Downfall which features Myles Kennedy sounds like a continuation of My Spirit from their 2012 album Dark Adrenaline with its all too familiar intro and a juxtaposition of orchestra, metal and vocals bring this song together as the power ballad of the album.
Take Me Home, track six takes everyone’s fears as the sound of children singing playground rhymes followed by Ferro’s opening line “take me for a ride” brings the creepy element to life about sanatoriums as the kids chant “there is room for many more” is where in the lyrics is the audiovisual picture of what we have seen and heard throughout the years about sanatoriums and the way people were treated. You Love Me Cause I Hate You is very theatrical in the way Scabbia sings about how she could not control her actions but had no choice and leaving someone who isn’t treating you right as Ferro screams the song title, this song imprints a lot of eeriness and truth. As the remaining tracks of Delirium play on, it is easy to hear how far Lacuna Coil has come in their music. This album is a true testament to what they really can do as they push the limits and as always put their honesty and vulnerability in the listener’s hands. Delirium is a musical madness that you will not want to recover from.


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