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crop Picture 1062Italian Gothic Metal band officially kicked off their North American tour in support of their eighth studio album Delirium set to be released on May 27th with their second show this past Sunday night at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, CA and despite the fact it was Mother’s Day, this was a sold out show and everyone was ready. With Century Media label mates The opening the show, this was clearly going to be a night to remember.

As The took the stage, to a completely packed house, the crowd pushed forward when Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd walked out with intense energy and their signature growling vocals. Midway through the set, Harvey encouraged stage divers to come on up only as long as they gave her a high five before they jumped back out into the crowd.

Shortly past 10:00, the moment we all had been waiting for since 2014 when played the House Of Blues on Sunset (sadly, it has since been torn down). With newest members and longtime friend of the band, Diego Cavallotti on guitar along with Ryan Folden on drums, Cristina Scabbia (vocals), Andrea Ferro (vocals) and Marco Coti Zelati (bass) walked out one by one in costumes portraying inmates of the Sanatorium which inspired their album Delirium. The crowd was enormously loud from the first footstep onto the stage and as Ferro told us in the interview earlier that evening, “this is the first chapter of a new book for so we are approaching it as a fresh start and projecting a new energy.” Even considering how much more needs to be incorporated into a tour nowadays with terrorist attacks and heightened security, when we asked Ferro about whether or not this raises concerns for the band, he told us how people can do everything possible to stop someone but if they want to do it bad enough, unfortunately they will find a way so it doesn’t make sense to be scared in reality. “We just go out and perform and we focus on the music,” Ferro says.

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Opening with the inspirational song Nothing Stands In Our Way from their 2014 album Broken Crown Halo, the mesmerization began as Ferro opens with shouting the word “fear”  and Scabbia followed with her melodic and widely powerful vocals. From the beginning, both Ferro and Scabbia’s vocals were notably stronger than ever before and the passion flowed through not only in their voices but their stage presence as well. Both Scabbia and Ferro commanded the stage from beginning to end and had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. The second song Die And Rise from the same album which features lyrics in Italian continued the timeline of what Lacuna Coil has been through. In interviewing Scabbia and Ferro, we know how the changes have inspired the band not just in their new album but previous ones as well. The intensified energy of the band was reflected onto the crowd and continued on as they performed Kill The Light, a song from their 2012 album Dark Adrenaline followed by Spellbound from 2009’s Shallow Picture 053Life. By then it was time to give everyone a taste of the new yet familiar sound with House Of Shame which so far has been the most ‘liked’ single of the new album thus far. Not surprisingly, everyone already knew the lyrics and was singing along to Ferro’s heavy and soulful growling vocals leading into Cristina’s haunting yet calming chorus. As the show went on, new was intertwined with old but in the end, Lacuna Coil gave us what we all wanted and that was the vulnerability, honesty and 110% heart they always put into their shows and as always, the dynamics between Scabbia and Ferro is magnetic as they brought other fan favorites like Heaven’s A Lie and Swamped which are both from the 2002 album Comalies and is responsible for putting Lacuna Coil on the musical map. Scabbia asked everyone to sing along to the next song which was their cover version of Depeche Mode’s Enjoy The Silence featured on their Karmacode album. While silence can be golden, so can having a full house singing along throughout the entire set. As they walked off the stage, the crowd screamed for an encore and they got one. With Trip The Darkness, Zombies and finishing with Our Truth, Scabbia announces that anyone that has purchased any merchandise can meet the band and have it signed. Despite it was after midnight on a school night, the line was immediately formed as everyone waited patiently to meet them.

Picture 1102While understandably old members are missed and friendships remain, the new members seem as though they have been there all along. After interviewing vocalist Cristina Scabbia for our May issue, it was wonderful to also have the chance to speak with her co-vocalist Andrea Ferro before the show. Ferro expressed his excitement about being back on tour and that it is their comeback to the states. After playing a festival in Asia for their first time followed by their first show in San Francisco, he tells us about how different things were in Asia as opposed to the states and while it rained throughout the entire show, it didn’t stop them or the fans. “It’s interesting because in Asia, they don’t respond until the end of the song whereas everyplace else, people go crazy when they hear us announce the song title or the first note.” Describing the concept of the Delirium as the album that will break the cliche, finding fresh ideas but also reverting back to their original heavy sound, the first single House Of Shame is also the first track and Ferro says “we wanted people to hear it and wonder if that is Lacuna Coil and know that we have changed and we have something to say regardless of how heavy our sound is. The fact this is the heaviest song on the record, we felt it was important to establish that need to break out of the cliche and give everyone a shock from the start.”

Lacuna Coil is on their way to even bigger successes with this new album and have started this tour off with extreme dedication, high voltage energy and a song collection that stands the test of time. Be sure to check out our interview with Cristina Scabbia and album review of Delirium in our May issue.


Nothing Stands In Our Way

Die & Rise

Kill The Light



The House Of Shame

Heaven’s A Lie



To The Edge




Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode cover)



Trip The Darkness


Our Truth

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CLICK HERE to view more photos of  from this show.

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