LACUNA COIL – Live at The Empire, Springfield, VA

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kam-photo 4539 012198 x 2862Is there really a concert here tonight? Did one of the premier bands in hard rock come all the way from Italy to play a strip mall? There’s a 7/11 and Indian food restaurants…what gives? Driving around the back of the strip mall, there’s nothing—and then, like a beacon in the fog, tour buses! The first one was Lacuna Coil’s, and the second one the support band’s, Sick Puppies. Meandering about were various band members and crew from the line-up of the night.

Walking to the front of the venue, again it’s almost impossible to see, unless you notice fans waiting to get in, three hours before the doors opened. That’s the kind of fans that Lacuna Coil draws. Talking to those in line, you had people from Lacuna Coil blogs and Facebook pages that they have dedicated to the band. The passion of the fan base of Lacuna Coil is amazing…it was a very cool way to start the night.

kam-photo 4506 012624 x 1872The Empire has a stage about 18 inches off the main floor, and the only thing that separates the fans from their band is a small two-foot wall and another foot of railing. So for the fan, this is an amazing place to connect with your band to see and feel the energy coming right off the stage.

This was a totally sold out show, a packed house. The fans of the band had their posters in hand and enthusiasm was just pouring out of them. When Lacuna Coil got onto the stage the energy in the place was insane. From the first song Trip the Darkness  to the last, Our Truth, there was no letdown in energy.
Christina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro were right on the rail for the fans to see, feel and take in every bit of energy the band was putting out on the stage. And put it all out there on the stage they did–they left absolutely nothing on the bus. Lacuna Coil is now a five-piece band, with the departure of guitar player Cristiano “Pizza” Migliore and their original drummer Cristiano “CriZ” Mozati, but from the performance you would never know it. Many the rumors on Facebook had Lacuna cancelling out of the tour, but nothing was further from the truth.

kam-photo 4661 013171 x 4276What a lot of fans do not realize is that bands know way ahead of time that other members have many things happening in their lives. They spend more time with their band mates than they do with their real life mates. So Lacuna Coil had the time to adjust internally for this and future upcoming tours.

After the show, the band took the time at their merchandise table to meet and talk to every fan that was in the venue. THIS is what makes metal and this band so very different than most other genres–the connection to their fans. Lacuna Coil did not disappoint anyone, their 40-minute set was on fire, the fans were amazing.
The entire experience was super cool.

Click HERE for more photos from the show.

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