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Lamb of God is back!  The metal giants from Richmond, Virginia have made a triumphant return with the release of their new album Omens.  Full of life, LOG shows that they continue to sharpen the edge of metal and can still produce the cutthroat sound that has propelled them into the echelon of music.  Building upon the commercial success of their self-titled album, the quintet, consisting of vocalist Randy Blythe, lead guitarist Mark Morton, rhythm guitarist Wille Adler, bassist John Cambell and drummer Art Cruz opened up new sides of their sound while staying true to what they have for the previous nine albums.  Nevermore, the first single from Omens, starts strong while showing a softer side of Blythe’s vocals.  The song has excellent contrasting elements that take the listener for a ride and let them experience Lamb Of God’s versatility.  The second single and title track, Omens, gives more insight into the levels of heaviness that will be present throughout all ten songs.  Off the bat, a ripping riff and bone-crushing vocals awaken the headbanging in every listener.  At just under four minutes of killer music, Omens will surely be a staple in the LOG setlist for years to come.  With one of the catchiest choruses on the album complemented by Cruz’s intense crashes and technical groove, Grayscale, the third single, combines the melodic elements from Nevermore and the brutality of Omens to create the perfect song.  Other honorable mentions include Gomorrah and Ditch. Opening with Morton’s melodic and dissonant lead, Gomorrah transitions into a ferocious track.  The chugs from Adler combined with Morton’s technical work meld together to form what will be regarded as a sleeper track on the album.  In contrast with Gomorrah, Ditch is thrashing and full of energy, providing a great lead-in to Omens. A critical piece of the album that hasn’t been mentioned, but is arguably one of the most essential parts, is bassist Cambell’s incredible contribution.  Without a skilled bass player like him, the band and album would not sound nearly as good as it does.  Overall, Omens serves its purpose as the next great release for Lamb of God.  All ten songs are masterfully crafted and make the listener yearn for more. There’s only hope that Lamb of God will have enough unreleased material for a bonus album and give fans even more wonderful tunes.

Even after 28 years of existence, the band continues to reach new heights, as evidenced by Omens. Lamb of God will be at the forefront of the metal scene’s expansion for the foreseeable future with no signs of slowing down.  For those that wish to experience this incredible album and the band behind it live, Lamb of God is currently on the North American leg of the Omens Tour with notable acts like Killswitch Engage, Suicide Silence, Baroness, Spiritbox, and Fit For An Autopsy through October 20th.  Additionally, the European leg kicks off on November 18th in Denmark and runs until December 21st in Switzerland.  Don’t miss out, be sure to pick up Omens and let your ears bask in 41 minutes of metal.  Also, check Lamb of God out on all of their various social media, which are linked below.


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