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Le Reverie join a very busy corner of the rock music world oozing with many female fronted gothic image-conscious quality acts.  The good news is that if you’re a fan of such soundscapes as symphonic styled epic rock with sorrow in their hearts, you might well rejoice as another quality act are added to the community.  Dark Symphony is a good debut album and is more about the potential they exhibit with the listener than the pressures of maintaining an established entrance.  There are ten tracks included here with meat on their bones, plus an instrumental intro called La Naissance (translated as ‘birth’) and a reprise tucked on the end in the form of a slightly altered version of album highlight Ghost of You.

All songs contained within Dark Symphony are written by the band which is a healthy sign, and worthy of note is the compelling lead vocal performance by Allie Jorgen.  Not so much Tarja Turunen, but something new.  Some say she possesses a Stevie Nicks quality, but whatever your viewpoint, it’s sincere and complimentary to the arrangements in which Jorgen sings.  The progressive lively title track showcases a lot of what the band are about and proves a highlight.  Also highly recommended are the sensitive side of the band in the shape of Ghost of You, plus the short and sweet Twisted and the quiet to excited flow of Hall of Mirrors.  If you’re suitably curious about Le Reverie, then take a look online for the video which accompanies the single Hold Me Down, providing both a feast for the eyes and the ears.

To summarise, this debut studio album holds a lot of promise with some delightful piano moments, and a lead vocalist who can hold her own against the plethora of females exercising their lungs to a backdrop of similar symphonic gothic rock/metal.

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