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Once again, Linkin Park is moving forward with another attempt at breaking new ground with their fifth offering, Living Things.  The consensus: the millions of fans this rock/rap group have, agree they’ve succeeded. With all the electronic elements in place for this album, their versatility and clean distinctions between rap and vocals, playing it safe has never truly been a part of what makes Linkin Park so attractive.  The southern California nu-metal band has matured a bit in their approach to their lyrical content; in the past writing with anger and frustration about the outside world and pointing a finger whereas Living Things, seems more internal than external; the pain and anguish of love and relationships.

With some of the greatest singles a rock band has produced, Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda are back at trading off vocals and rap on the very successful Burn It Down, the first single off the CD.  Bennington and Shinoda have a chemistry that you see with bands that have really stood the test of time no matter what’s gone down between them personally and it shows on Living Things.  I’ll Be Gone, Roads Untraveled and Powerless reflect more of their melodic rock sound and Bennington’s vocals whereas Lies, Greed, Misery, Castle of Glass and Victimized, with an aggressive rap sound cater more to Shinoda.  There’s no denying this is Linkin Park doing what they do best; and for their fans, there’s something for everyone on this release.  As much as they can appeal to a more commercial sound; and they do or they wouldn’t have the legions of followers they have, this album is fist pumping and might not be for the casual listener.

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