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Lost Society is one of the latest addition to Finland’s impressive list of music exports. These young guys have chosen a style, thrash, that is not the signature style of many Finnish bands. Fast Loud Death album is the band’s debut but it looks and sounds very thought through.

If you put Anthrax’s State of Euphoria and Ugly Kid Joe’s Menace to Sobriety in a bag, shake well and pour the result on a plate and sprinkle some early Iron Maiden on top you’ll get this very fun album. Maybe the best example of the amalgam would be 8th track Diary of Thrashman. The music is energetic, youthful and catchy. The focus seems to be more on having fun than any kind of political statements. The guys play as there is no tomorrow, but still show tremendous control of the instruments and music. The band doesn’t venture far from the core style. You can’t find synthesizers or long build-ups in the songs, no new tools in this shed. This is straight to the point old-fashioned thrash delivered with healthy doze of innocence of youth. It should be a treat to see these guys play live.

The sound of the album is full and balanced. It’s truly a joy to listen to. The album was recorded at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland. The same studio has been used by Omnium Gatherum, Children of Bodom and many other notable bands. Fast Loud Death was produced by finnish metal veteran Nino Laurenne who’s has an arm long list of accomplishments. The stylishly pure album is crowned by cover artwork by Ed Repka who has been working with multitude of metal bands from Megadeth to 3 Inches of Blood.

Fast Loud Death will be released in the US on 4/2 and can be pre-ordered through Nuclear Blast.

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