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FORWARD ALBUM COVER are a 4 piece metal band from Rochester, New York.  Rochester is a small, music friendly city about 300 miles from New York City.   Both the music, and the people of Upstate New York are vastly different than their hip urban New York City counterparts and are no exception. They boast a very raw, dirty metal sound and a complete lack of pretension.

Forward, the band’s third album, and the second with the current line up of Jay Haney on Vocals, Sean Augustus on Guitar, Matt Huff on Drums, and Brian Belcher on Bassis ’s strongest work to date.  After lineup changes early on, the band has finally found their stride, with Forward showing substantially growth from their previous album Red Moon.

From the opening track Devastion, Haney’s deep soulful voice is hard to ignore. Haney shows a great deal of versatility through out the 12 tracks on Forward; his voice is nostalgic of singers as diverse as Jonathon Davis, James Hetfield, Sully Erna and Serj Tankian, but still manages to create a unique sound all his own.

Haney’s strongest performances happens to be the strongest track on the album, Seams. Seams also contains some of Augustus’ finest guitar work. Heavy and oozing, yet catchy riffs. Other noteworthy tracks include the title track Forward, Get Burned, and Feel. 

With the strength of Forward, should expect a break out year in 2013. With the popularity of their first two albums, Red Moon and Backstabber, Lowkey have already proven to be a big regional hit. And the success of their 2012 US tour has the band looking forward to a larger market and higher sales for Forward.

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