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The Ides of March brought us the third offering from Stockholm’s soothing cult rock outfit .  This is a band producing music that is subtle in sound but like any good spell-caster is potent in effect.  III pulls in your ear and maybe even your soul, hooked by the sorcery of Johanna Sadonis delivery and her surrounding wall of retro sound.  You’re a fan and disciple before you even know it.

Using the Danzig numerical system, this is their How The Gods Kill though no song, word or phrase gets top billing.

Brought to life in 2014, they’ve received massive attention and acclaim for their unique, throwback mixture of ‘70s cult rock, doom and early metal.  It’s the perfect blazing neon sign cleverly wrapped in a vintage attic tour flyer saying if you weren’t around back in the day, this is what the beginning sounded like.

Their moniker may be a religious synonym for deceiver, but no lies or deceit is inherent in sound.

If the ladies of ABBA had sung for Sabbath or Olivia-Newton John had gone dark in Danzig, you might imagine the sound brings to the table or alter.  While stunning and powerful in her own right, Sadonis could be the Pamela Moore of occult rock.  If a band can make a piano sound evil, they’re worth a listen.

Midnight Phantom plays like an old Wild West tale told in supernatural, legendary fashion. As lighting cracks and the storm approaches, their last goodbye is written into legend.

Leather Demon’s hypnotic delivery calls out like a biker’s road ballad told with a gentle hot kiss under the wheel. The song is paired with an equally memorable reaper-represented video.  It’s a song you just can’t get out of your head.

The love letter/bio to is goat approved with Coffin Fever spreading out the sinister Sabbath-like claws reaching far and deep while Flanked by Snakes is the rocker of III.

From the first crank of Ghosts, if you wanted to tell a kid surrounded by today’s technology what the beginning of hard rock/metal sounded like in modern terms without breaking out vinyl, Lucifer would be the calling card.

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