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Luva Gunk EP is a four piece band from Leeds, England that defies any attempt to pigeonhole their sound. There’s probably a great story behind the name of the band…sounds psychedelic, or even strangely erotic. That said; feel free to use your imagination (yeah, the band would probably approve).

has released a four song, self-titled EP. The structure of the band is basic, four-piece rock ‘n roll: Andy McKinnon – vocals/guitar, Liam Gallagher – lead guitar, Stefan Gandhi – bass, Nikhil Johnson – drums. The music of the band, however, is anything but basic or predictable.

Origin is what could be described as a sound painting. The song is a plaintive, minor-chord tale of woe (the phrase “as the tears fall from my eyes” is sung over and over). It starts with  fingerpicked clean tone electric guitar, adds strummed acoustic guitar, adds electric fills, continues with dirty tone electric fingerpicking, and finally hard power chords as the tempo ramps up.

Monkey Run has a completely different feel.. It’s hard to describe in words, but when listening to the song, it has that British hard alternative vibe to it…think of bands such as Oasis or Blur.

Tease is once again is completely different from the previous two songs. It starts with a very Spanish/flamenco style (maybe even Indian influenced via bassist Ghandi?) guitar riff and solo, which continues throughout the song. Midway through, there an instrumental bridge that builds on that feel.

Revolver is a very interesting tune. A more conventional rock song, but with a twist, of course, coming from this band. During the chorus, the meter of the song slows very subtly, almost imperceptibly. It’s enough to be noticeable, and it gives the song a very dramatic flair, as while you’re listening to it, you are almost urging the band “come on, come on, pick it up!” Very unique, very unusual—and it works.

If can build on what they have started with just four songs, there’s a lot to look forward to from this band.

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