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Madysin Hatter - Lose Your MindNew Jersey native rocker debuted her first solo album on January 8, 2016 titled Lose Your Mind. As we have witnessed her live shows in the last year at Cathouse Live’s Battle Of The Bands and opening for Tom Keifer from Cinderella, Hatter is as up and coming as you can get.

It’s All Good quintessentially starts the album off in a true to rock n’ roll way. From start to finish, this track combines a sure fire energy with a classic rock vibe. With an unbeatable hook, this is a song that will surely have the masses singing along and quite possibly become a party anthem. Black Velvet Snakebite opens with a more blues feel to it and even a little bit of country in its pace.

Slowing things down a little bit is track three Rocky Road. Opening with a soft acoustic guitar and intimate vocals from Hatter, it evolves into a hard rock song but it levels out and this is actually one of the songs on the album that manages to bring the warmth of Stevie Nicks while staying true to Hatter’s established sound.

Lose My Mind is based off of the album title and this will most likely be the first hit off of the album as far as radio airplay go along with It’s All Good. Lose My Mind is a song many people will identify with the juxtaposition of powerful lyrics and Hatter’s impeccable vocal range. This song has star power all over it and will seduce the musical fan in one swoop. With a bit of Zeppelin and and an style 80’s guitar solo, there is staying power here.

Pretty Little Fool is full of passion and upholds Hatter’s consistency of hooks in her songs. Jukebox Jive is as old school blues as you can get on this album. Hatter pulls it off effortlessly and it always has been a crowd pleaser in her shows.

Track seven, Never Knew immediately reminisces with I Remember You by Skid Row with a few chord changes but then the song veers off into a beautiful ballad by Hatter. This is a song that you want to listen to over and over again. This song showcases Hatter’s vocal range in the most impeccable way and she brings across such an honest line of communication between the song and the listener.

Gypsy Rock, Lightening Strikes Twice and This Last Time all keep Hatter’s viscosity fluent. If Hatter keeps going with her live shows and promotions of her album, this could truly become a hit record. She stands above the rest and sets the bar in every way. For an artist who writes, records, promotes and manages her own music and career, she is just getting started and once people hear her music, her stories, they will want to be a part of the party.

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