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Måneskin – Victoria de Angelis

Do you have any idea how it feels to go from begging to having the world in your hands?  An Italian group of young guns who cut their teeth as buskers on the streets of Rome, Måneskin, can tell you just that.  They once would have been competing against other performers for the spot on the cobblestone corner that would attract the biggest crowds, but now you have no control in relinquishing your attention…they take it…and you like it. 

Dallas is a testament to that statement, selling out the 27,000 square foot South Side Ballroom Venue on a Tuesday night in December.  The capacity crowd began snaking around the venue and into the overflow parking lot long before the doors were even open.  Instead of frustration from long lines, there is a surge of excitement building as echoes of Eurovision and travel stories from surrounding states are heard.  One fan even drove from Colorado to see the band for the second time in the same week, just to “experience” Måneskin again on their first major US tour.  The nip in the air hasn’t hindered concertgoers from lacing up their eye-catching leathers, glimmering textures and fishnet fashion styles.  A modern take on our beloved glam rock era?  It’s easy to see why it has so much appeal for a Screamer writer.  There is that same feeling of freedom here, encouraging you to come as you are whoever that may be.

Måneskin – Damiano David

Once inside the venue that feeling doesn’t change, it only escalates as fans push towards the barrier with Italian flags and signs reading things like “Italians Make Me Horny” in tow.  Without any overblown production, or an opener to kickoff the evening, the band takes the stage and the crowd instantly melts into their hands.  Drummer Ethan Torchio takes his throne and begins the song Kool Kids, an unreleased track from their upcoming album Rush!.  Bassist Victoria De Angelis owns her side of the stage as frontman Damiano David and guitarist Thomas Raggi follow suit.  The foursome is adorned in gucci threads and androgynous sex appeal.  Strong instrumentals with subtle vocals of a punk essence fill the pulsing room.  The chorus is simplistically catchy enough that by the end of the song the entire crowd is screaming “Kool Kids” along with David until the stage falls to black.  With the band draped in red light,  the recognizable riff of ZITTI E BUONI sends chaotic cheers throughout the venue that soon morph into clapping in unison at the request of David.  His devious smile in response to their submission leads the vocals in his native tongue.  To much surprise, almost the entire crowd sings along in Italian and for those who aren’t acquainted the instrumentals provide a translation beyond words. Although “zitti e buoni” translates to “shut up and behave”, the anthemic energy in the room says otherwise right up to the final note.

Måneskin – Victoria de Angelis

It becomes very apparent as the band rolls on into IN NOME DEL PADRE with an instrumental breakdown, that the raw intensity from the studio tracks is amplified to a whole new level in the live realm.  In a day and age where most live acts rely heavily on the pre-recorded backing tracks for their full and polished sound, Måneskin provides an organic experience with ebbs and flows that not only allow pure crowd interaction, but their own ability to get truly lost in the moment of LIVE music.  The fiery guitar interplay between Raggi and de Angelis is bewitching as the sound pushes and pulls from the recorded singles we’ve all heard from the Billboard charts.  With precisely placed staircases leading to the drum riser and into the photo pit, this live performance quickly evolves into a full rock n’ roll experience that feels both inviting yet exclusive.

Måneskin – Thomas Raggi

At this point in the show, Raggi is often seen running up the drum riser to join Torchio as his hard-hitting fills rattle your ribcage, while de Angelis is ripping into bass solos that exemplify why her doting fans are nicknamed “Vic’s Chicks”.  David’s fast-paced vocals compliment the high kicking energy coming from the stage and the crowd, until that energy is pulled back with the next song on the bill.  “I’m glad you guys are having fun, because the next song is super sad. Enjoy it,” David laughs seamlessly winded without losing his charm.  He begins crooning CORALINE into the microphone and that signature rasp reminds you of why they call Italian the romance language.  The bridge picks up the pace with a grunge guitar feel and reemergence of technically tantalizing drums that leaves the crowd beggin’ for more.  Literally, because the next song is the Four Seasons cover turned TikTok trending-song sensation and record-setting single Beggin’.  Frankie Valli’s original soul singing is transformed into a sinuous rock track that has the entire sea of people jumping and not missing a single word.  If only Bob Gaudio and Peggy Santiglia could hear their song now, being sung all over the world.

Måneskin – Ethan Torchio

The two-hour show continues on with hits from the albums Teatro d’Ira, Il ballo della vita, a mix of singles from RUSH! and cover songs like My Generation by The Who and I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges.  There is never a dull moment of silence or retreat of enthusiasm.   If anything the passion and vivacity only expands to a height that could fill stadiums.  Every song on the setlist creates a different atmosphere and brings you a different flavor of rock to taste.  Musically, the sound is nice and tight, but loose enough to have fun and leave room for each member of the band to bring their own flair to the stage and beyond.  De Angelis constantly flirts with the crowd with her playing first and showmanship second.  It isn’t long into the set before she is crowd surfing bass in hand. Raggi also makes it a point to take his shredding into the crowd on the shoulders of one of the crew members.

Måneskin – Damiano David & Victoria de Angelis

He never misses a beat and instead extends the song to show off his talents from the very back of the crowd.  Torchio doesn’t let his immobility stop him from stealing your attention either.  His stick tricks and dynamics provide emotionally engaging waves that keep your focus.  Aside from his earthy growl, David captivates the crowd with a suggestive stage presence that has women and men screaming alike.  The moment he removed his Gucci top, he was still dripping in a decadent swagger that only David Lee Roth would understand.  The crowd interaction is top notch until the very end, with the final song being played with fans packed onto the stage dancing along to LIVIDI SUI GOMITI

The highly anticipated encore is encouraged with fans relentlessly chanting “Måneskin” until the black stage is illuminated by two single spotlights.  Raggi takes the opportunity to own the stage and perform a solo that provides one of the most melodic and emotional moments of the night.  After quite some time, the mesmerizing solo transitions into the recently released song Loneliest as the omniscient blue and purple lights span the stage.  The emotional tug at your heartstrings is felt far more through the gravely sound of David’s live vocals than it is on the forthcoming album.  But Måneskin doesn’t leave us with a bittersweet ending, instead they burst into I Wanna Be Your Slave for the second time in the set. What might seem like an odd choice of repetition, ends up leaving the crowd satisfied with euphoria. And as the old adage says “repetition makes the master”.


Connect with Måneskin at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maneskinofficial/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maneskinofficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisismaneskin?s=20&t=GhCZJWSLEUGJlRHmgJQ8SA

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgQna2EqpzqzfBjlSmzT72w


The band’s third album RUSH! will arrive on January 20, 2023.
Pre-order it here: https://maneskin.lnk.to/Rush

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