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MARK KNIGHT & the UNSUNG HEROES - Road sick EyesOne of the first thoughts upon listening to Road Sick Eyes, the latest album from Mark Knight and the Unsung Heroes, is that as a singer, Mark Knight is a pretty good guitar player.  Sounds odd, right?  Of course, no one ever lavished praise on the vocal abilities of Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, but those two managed to have pretty good careers in music.  And, like the singing of Dylan and Hendrix, Knight’s lead vocals actually grow on one the more the album is listened to.

Knight, who may be best known for being one of the original guitar players in Bang Tango, has crafted an album of music light years removed from those hard rock days.  Road Sick Eyes is a collection of tunes that could be accurately described as an amalgam of roots rock and folk, with a dash of blues and country thrown in for good measure.  Knight says the inspiration for the songs came from people he met and situations he encountered both at home and while touring the country.

The title track is a melancholy, bare-bones acoustic song describing the not-so-glamorous side of life on the road.  Anyone who has ever been in a touring band can easily relate to the situations Knight sings about, and the song is so well crafted that even non-musicians can empathize.  Slow Down is a nice bluesy tune that features some fine call and response guitar solos between Knight and fellow guitarist Mark Tremalgia. One of the harder rocking tracks on the album is Lies, with crunchy slide guitar work accenting the politically tinged lyrics.  Low Down in Vegas is another acoustic/electric number would not be out-of-place on a modern country album, which shows the wide range of the genres that Knight and his band mates are able to comfortably cover.

Road Sick Eyes is a nice album when one is the mood for some honest, real music to chill with.

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