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Need a wake up call?  Memory Of A Melody will wake you up with a scream!  This five piece group from San Antonio, Texas packs a massive punch with their new album, Things That Make You Scream.  MOAM is a result of talents of Mario Galdos-Vocals, Wade Sigue-Guitar, Roel Castillo-Guitar, Joel Martinez-Bass and Robin Lopez-Drums.  Sharing the stage with Chevelle, Adelita’s Way, Kopek, 10 Years, Cold, Tantric, Sepultura, Three Days Grace, Mark Tremonti and several others have brought them a host of followers early on.  The title track, Things That Make You Scream has been added to the rock band library for those who love to play along with their favorites.

MASK is the lead track for this hard pounding, non-stop energy in-your-face album, as it happens to be the band’s first release.  Don’t expect to sit around and chill with this music;  it’s not going to happen.  Blasting from song to song the music seems to flow through your veins and pumps your blood for more and keeps you energized.  It will be hard for anyone to choose a favorite from this album as there is no “easing into the next song”.  It just keeps coming and coming.  Not wanting to categorize or bring them comparables, their sound is unmistakable and definitely one you will remember, thus “Memory Of A Melody” suits them.  Guitar riffs and pounding drums, along with melodic vocals and a little “scream” thrown in for good measure makes this album a keeper.  Skin Deep is the only ballad on the album, but well worth every note and every chorus, as it really showcases Galdos’ vocal richness.

Track list reflects titles that definitely tell the story via song:  ‘Til Death Do Us Part, Things That Make You Scream, Pieces, Intersections, Break Away, Skin Deep, Darkest Hour, Ultraviolence, Reach, The Core, and Truth In Lies.  Pick your chapter, hear your story, hear your SCREAM!

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