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Michael Des Barres CD art 3-29-15

British singer/songwriter/musician, actor and host on SiriusXM’s nationally syndicated Little Steven’s Underground Garage, will be releasing his new full-length album, The Key To The Universe, April 7th on FOD records.  This 10-track album with a classic rock sound mixes all the ingredients needed to put out quality lyrics, guitars, bass and drums.


The first track on the album,  Can’t Get You Off My Mind is one for all the love-sick guys; its full of guitar, bass and drums, fast paced and doesn’t slow down. I Want Love to Punch Me in the Face, is a song you will find yourself tapping your toes and nodding your head to as well as with It’s Just a Dream.  They are both very catchy tunes and after a few spins you will be singing right along.


Supernatural Lovers has a complete 1970’s disco sound; bringing back memories right out of Soul Train.  It will make you want to get up and get your groove on. The last song on the CD, Liberty Train, has great lyrics and solid guitars. All in all, this is a great solid offering of music to treat your ears to. It’s an album you can listen to in front of your kids without the fear of them hearing anything inappropriate or play at a party and not offend anyone. This album will appeal to many people who like many different music styles, so no matter what your music preference is, go grab this CD as soon as it comes out.

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