Mindset Evolution at The Castle Theater Bloomington, IL

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Rock on the Range, we are here to tell you that is ready to rock your world when they hit the stage.  The Castle Theater floor in Bloomington, Illinois was packed with tons of local fans from around the area.  Sharing the stage with Mindset were the bands Flannel Mouth, Atrya, and The Prelude.  All the bands rocked, but definitely stole the show!

IMG_6331Mindset has what it takes to put on an amazing show!  The energy is nonstop!  Even with a hurt leg, bassist Josh Bodeen pulled off an amazing set while jamming on a wooden stool.  Frontman Rob Ulrich gets the crowd going with his fists in the air and strong vocals.  Guitars vary from clean to heavy, and flow perfectly into the band’s next song in the set.  Drummer Joey Gibbz also put on an excellent performance with flawless drumming skills.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get where these boys are today.  One of the best parts of this band’s set is seeing how well they get along on stage.  Every member takes time to go over and rock out with another bandmate during the set.  Bodeen being hurt did not stop any of the band members from running over to him to make him feel a part of the show.  Guitarists were running all over the place and interacting with the fans through the entire performance.  For those who get the chance to be front row to their show you will be damn sure to see frontman Ulrich getting down and singing right in your face, and reaching out for your hands.  Gibbz’s drumming is very diverse and intelligent, going from one song that is fairly softer to a song that is heavier with a lot of kicks and transitions.  Altogether their set has the fire to keep a crowd ablaze all night long.  That is what music is all about, folks!

IMG_6015Some of the songs included in the band’s set were the songs Relevant, Hopeless, Rise, Like to Fall, Norma Genes, and their smash hit We Are Stars.  Mindset is truly an original band with an original sound.  Though they might be comparable to some well-known bands, they still make their sound known!  The song We Are Stars live is truly a song that stands out like the sun.  Just the lyrics alone bring you straight into the song and make you feel like you are right up on stage with the band — living the dream of being a rock star!

Bands that Mindset have played shows with are Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Hinder, Saving Abel, and Puddle of Mudd.  They recently also just finished up the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Tour with Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind, Papa Roach, Adelita’s Way, P.O.D. and In This Moment.

IMG_6085So if you like a heavy rock grunge sound with clean/raspy vocals and huge choruses, this band is right up your Itunes list.  We here at Screamer want to congratulate for getting their chance to shine at Rock on the Range!  Bands such as Alice in Chains, Volbeat, Soundgarden, Sevendust, Korn, Three Days Grace and more will all be performing at ROTR.  So “Reach Out” Mindset fans and give your favorite local band a pat on the back and an ice cold beer. These guys just proved that they are the stars!

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