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Mindset Evolution - Brave, Bold and BrokenWelcome ladies and gentlemen to the full length debut album by a hard rocking and hard-working band who show real potential to be a big hitter.  Brave, Bold and Broken showcases melody, punch, driving anthems and a strong self-worth and self-belief in itself.  Eleven songs including the single Burn it Down tell you all that you need to know.  This album is for fans of the latest Avenged Sevenfold album, or Staind, or the heavier side of Shinedown, and other bands of that ilk.  This shouldn’t surprise as Brave, Bold and Broken was produced by Johnny K who is known for his work with Staind and Disturbed amongst others.

Moments that present melody and a lighter touch include Sing, Like to Fall and Hold Me Down which are a pleasant change of pace after listening to their driving opening salvo of We Are Stars, The Change and Invisible.  Also noticeable are the lengths of each track; easy to digest and completely accessible clocking in at no more than just under four minutes.  Mindset Evolution get into your head and share what they need to, before leaving you with another straight forward burst of hard rock.  No frills, no excess, just meat that you can eat!

Home misfires, whilst Ready follows and delivers the form that was prominent throughout the previous songs.  This leaves Hopeless to finish off the album.  It’s the shortest track and leaps into the ears with that moody and controlled cohesive presentation that you get familiar with the more times you hear Brave, Bold and Broken.  An album that is for the most part solid with good quality hard rock.

Do we need yet another hard rock band to add to the constantly growing list though?  Only time will tell.  This debut album reveals a lot of serious potential and could be the springboard to something greater down the line.

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