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IMGP1488Even after arriving an hour early there was still a line that wrapped almost around the building to get into the State Theatre for ’s Hellpop Tour.  The sun had set by the time we got into the building and the fog machines had already been fuming for what could easily have been hours; the dark atmosphere in the room was already thicker than usual.  From the balcony though the show was still as clear as day, and trust us it was well worth the wait.

IMGP1467The first band to play was Kyng, a hard rock group out of Las Vegas, NV. The group’s instruments sounded great, but the vocals where so drowned by the instruments they were completely indecipherable. The second, and final opening band, was Motionless In White.  Performance wise they were a snore; they gave a few trick or treaters some guitars and they could have given you about the same performance.   Music wise, the band was really good. The sound was clear and the music itself really made you want to go crazy with hits like Abigail, and their anthem song America.

It seemed like it was going to be a long night while we waited for the band we came to see.  After those two boring openers [and I’m being honest], took the stage.  From the first few minutes the group exploded onto the stage they oozed with their signature theatrical-break neck performance style.  The band started with one of the biggest hits off their most recent release Blood Adrenalize.  Lead vocalist Maria, put her all into the songs with choreographed dance moves.  Her ear-shredding vocal delivery continued to throw the punches with songs like Blazes and Rise With Me. She slowed it down with the ballad Into the Light.  The song was mesmerizing along with the lighting and visual performance given–it could almost bring a tear to your eye.  Maria treated the audience to a little cover of IMGP1484Nine Inch Nails’ Closer, which gave the boys in the audience quite a thrill and gave the rest of the boys in the band an opportunity to show their skills with one of the best drum solos ever and a dual guitar solo that rivals the metal greats. The encore of the night was one to get you blood pumping with the group’s brutal performance of the song Blood, which had you going out the door pumped up and feeling on top of the world.

PosterThe openers may not have been the best, and the wait to get in took forever but ’s Hell-pop performance made up for all that. The group was spectacular both musically and visually and is well worth going to see on the new Hellpop Tour II coming to a city near you.


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