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MOTORFINGER - Coming in ClearOne glance at the cover of the EP Coming in Clear by Oslo band Motorfinger, and there is no question what kind of music you will be hearing.  Alternative rock, grunge whatever you want to call it. The band is clearly paying homage to bands of the early 1990s.

Their name itself is a reference to Soundgarden’s album Badmotorfinger and the album cover is a spoof of the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind (replacing the baby with a dog swimming after a 100 dollar bill).

Maurice Adams (vocals), Tommy Fossli (guitars), Morten Felumb (bass), Jon Anders Lundh (guitars) and Jonas Dale (drums) pay tribute to these bands and more including Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Tool (and even a hint of Black Sabbath) while still maintaining a sound that is fresh and uniquely their own.

Adams’ vocals are a highlight, most notably on Arms of The Sun, with qualities similar to Chris Cornell and melody lines like Eddie Vedder’s. The guitars of Fossli and Lundh are beefy and full of heavy distortion and the rhythm section of Felumb and Dale are tremendously tight. My Secrets is sure to be a crowd favorite and has a sound that would make it a very radio-friendly single.

This four song EP is rounded out with Double Rainbow and Never Mine and leaves you wanting to hear more. One could think that a band that named their debut EP Best Of might be a novelty or joke band, but it is clear that they take their music seriously. Four songs leaves the listener wanting more of their modern grunge sound and hopefully we don’t have long to wait for a full-length album by these Norwegian rockers.

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