Mindless Self Indulgence LIVE – The Ritz Theater April 5th

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msigregdixon10Friday nights in Ybor City– everyone is usually out on the 7th Avenue strip and most people are hitting up the city scene for a normal night out, which could include any of the night-time rituals like hitting the bars, clubs and checking out the local music scene.  Part of that scene is the historic Ritz Theater where many acts make a stop as they come through Florida; it’s not unusual to see the long line of people waiting to pass through the doors and tonight is no different; have come to visit.

msi or better known as MSI, came together roughly in 1997 with lead singer Jimmy Urine, Jimmy’s brother, guitarist/bassist Markus Euringer, guitarist Steve Montano (aka Steve Righ?) and drummer Jennifer Dunn (aka Kitty). Shortly after forming Euringer left the band to pursue other projects and was replaced by Vanessa Y.T. on bass. Vanessa  Y.T. left the group in 2001 and was replaced by Lindsey Ann Way aka Lyn-Z on bass.  MSI have five studio albums, three EP’s and a live DVD out.  The most recent album How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit and Love is out on Metropolis Records. The group has many different styles of music ranging from punk, industrial to alternative.

msiThe line to get into the show wrapped around the building of The Ritz Theater to the railroad tracks behind the building. The doors opened at 7pm and the place was packed with many different types of people – all ages and all very excited to witness the madness of the performance.  The fans waited eagerly for MSI to take the stage as the minutes passed by.  At about 10pm the lights turned dim and the intro music started to play raising the anticipation levels of the crowd.  People started moving closer to the stage to get ready for the sheer madness of what Mindless Self Indulgence looks like and sounds like, up close and personal.

msiIlluminated by black lights, the once empty stage with nothing but mic stands casting dim shadows ignited with the roar of the band as they went right into the song, Witness.  The crowd danced and sang their hearts out to the lyrics followed by an old friend, the mosh pit.  Urine asked, “How are you doing Tampa?”  The loud yells and echoes of a grand salutation rang back to the stage as the audience cheered giving the band their cue to lead into Shut Me Up followed up by It Gets Worse, and rightly so because at this point the mosh pit was in good form and the band geared up for even more madness. Now in full throttle mode, MSI were playing fiercely and the crowd went nuts! The song Fuck Machine got the crowd amped up even more and the insanity continued after MSI played, Never Wanted To Dance. Urine heckled the crowd making faces and showed us what a whack-job really acts like.  Near end of the show everyone was tired but still wanted more, so the band came out for an encore and finished their set with Straight To Video and with that they thanked Tampa, wished us a good night and then came out afterward to sign autographs for waiting fans.  If you’re out for an evening of a little Mindless Self Indulgence, catch them in your favorite club/venue.  They won’t disappoint you; insanity never does.

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