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My Darkest Days’ second album, Sick and Twisted Affair, was produced by Joey Moi, who’s worked with such artists as Hinder, Daughtry and Santana. Offering its fans the same 80s-style, sex-infused rock-n-roll sound as we heard on the first self-titled album released in 2010, if you were a fan of My Darkest Days’ first album, you’ll find the newest to be as good, if not better. Lead singer Matt Walst, lead guitarist Sal Coz Costa, Bassist Brendan McMillan, Drummer Doug Oliver and keyboardist Reid Henry are known for maintaining relevancy for the current music crowd with more sound depth than we heard in the 80s, but they still achieve introducing a younger generation to songs reminiscent of copulation-themed tunes like Motley Crue’s Girls, Girls, Girls.

Casual Sex, Sick and Twisted Affair, and Nature of the Beast remind you of the first album, satisfying the appeal to lyrics about casual sex and the idea sex is equivalent to an animal or a drug. Even though this newest album is still oozing with sex, the boys offer us a bit of a softer side with ballads like Perfect, a song about losing a “perfect” love. The band thus far has included a remake on every album. Duran Duran’s Come Undone appeared on the first album, while this go around the band is covering R&B singer Joe’s Stutter, which My Darkest Days translates to the rock genre surprisingly well. Stutter is one of the best songs on the album; they make it their own and it seems better suited to them than the original artist.

Add Sick and Twisted Affair to the list of albums you can enjoy listening to beginning to end. Every song is consistently done well. If My Darkest Days keeps up the momentum, producing quality albums, fans will surely keep coming back for more.

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