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MY HEART TO FEAR - AlgorithmMetalcore is a subgenre of heavy metal music that combines the hardcore style with elements of metal. My Heart to Fears release Algorithm captures this style in its purest essence. What the band accomplishes best is they it don’t over saturate either of the two elements, but rather pairs the two together in a medley of brutality.

My Heart to Fear is a five piece outfit out of Pennsylvania, who have made a name for themselves out of creating hard-hitting, impactful metal. What they have brought to the table with Algorithm is an example to all the generic Metalcore groups of what the genre should really sound like, and can even rival bands like As I Lay Dying in originality and devastation. A style the group effectively uses that is both an asset and a vice to the genre is the incorporation of deeply distorted chugging guitar bits (414 Days). Where most bands tend to abuse and overuse this technique, MHTF counterbalances its grungy sound with delicate piano melodies and spider-webbed guitar and bass riffs. Though it is a little overused at certain times in the album, another element that used can either go great or hinder the albums overall style is the use of chanted, half sung/half talked vocal deliveries. If used inappropriately, this vocal style can take a devastating musical piece and drag down the intensity of the moment. What the band does is back these pieces with symphonic enough elements that it doesn’t drag the piece down, but still keep it brutal enough.

This record is well worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of bands like The Color Morale or Texas In July. On a final note, if this band continues to release albums as brilliant as this one it isn’t too much to say they may one day come to rival legends like The Devil Wears Prada and Demon Hunter.

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