Not So Silent Night Tour – Spicoli’s, Waterloo, Iowa

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Drowning Pool’s Jasen Moreno

Merry Christmas! If you wanted a dose of hard rock for the holidays, then the Not So Silent Night Tour should be on your list. The buses rolled into Spicoli’s Rockade in Waterloo, Iowa on Saturday, December 3rd. And in true holiday (and Iowa) fashion, the snow began to fall as the bands began to play.

All together the evening included eight bands, starting off with four groups of locals- Revenant, Guilty of Treason, Drive Fast and Youth Gone Wild (a group of 13-15 year old metalheads). The first of the touring crew to hit the stage was Red Tide Rising, a group of fairly young guys from Colorado who have been playing together for a long time considering their ages. Though at first it was unclear how old they may be, as vocalist Matthew Whiteman did have a mask on for the first part of the set. A highlight was definitely their cover of the tune Mad World by Tears for Fears.

Next up was 9ELECTRIC. They definitely upped the stage show game with their fog, and laser lighting. And the crowd could also catch themselves live on Facebook during the first song, that is if they could find their faces on screen through the fog. The crowd and band were both extremely energetic, enjoying songs such as The Damaged Ones, Goodbye and Lies. as well as a song that they did with the late Wayne Static, Destroy as You Go.  There was even a little crowd surfing and shoulder riding by vocalist Ron Underwood.


Gemini Syndrome’s Aaron Nordstrom

Although the bar is a pretty tight space as far as loading equipment, there was not much lag time between bands and soon Gemini Syndrome was up and so was the crowd (well, maybe not UP per say, but definitely actively moshing). The band featured many songs from their latest album Memento Mori, as well as 2013’s Lux, such as Remember We Die, Resurrection and Anonymous. Perhaps the sweetest moment of  the night was when, during Stardust, vocalist Aaron Nordstrom went up and touched the face of a cute little girl that was at the front of the stage. That certainly seemed to make her night

And of course the party would not be complete without Drowning Pool. Entering the stage to the tune of If You’re Happy and You Know It, vocalist Jasen Moreno came out in a hoodie that kind of looked like he had just come in off the street and came up to sing. That hoodie soon came off however and Moreno, who has been with the band since 2012, looked more like a rock vocalist. CJ Pierce, Stevie Benton and Mike Luce, all original members, kept the energy going until the end of the evening. Moreno told the crowd that they might be the rowdiest crowd of the tour so far and the band also brought another very young audience member up on the side of the stage for a song. The crowd sang along with songs such as By The Blood, and Tear Away, and of course, Bodies, with Gemini Syndrome’s Aaron Nordstrom joining them on the stage.

As is common at this venue, most of the band members made themselves available to the fans, hanging out at their merch tables or at the bar. And as the bands drove off into the snow, it was a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Not So Silent Night.

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