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Houston prog metal band Oceans of Slumber reinstate themselves with their new self-titled album coming in September.  Vocalist Cammie Gilbert has filled their new material with loud, soulful emotion, sung and growled about color bias, oppression, musical influences and the ongoing pandemic.

The rough currents started in 2013 with debut Aetherial.  With Gilbert’s arrival the band released an EP followed by two records from 2015-2018. They return this year with new sounds continuing their history with refreshed spirit and soul, claws dug in with dagger-like focus.

Most songs are around five minutes or more, paying homage to multiple genres with dark, heavy atmosphere and drama in the music, lyrics and voice. With R&B and pop influences pouring through, sounds unaccustomed to metal ears are heard.  If you could arena jump metal guitars into a pop-fueled show or personal R&B performance all genres would (slam) dance in collective slumber.

Clean vocals open Soundtrack to My Last Day with aquatic oceanside guitars as tranquil notes give a dreamy atmospheric vibe.  Opening with a 7 ½ minute fairly mellow track is ballsy, including a creepy acoustic section with folk echoes with the heavy part lying in wait. Pray for Fire is a mellow rock journey at first, kick starting with heavy death at five minutes as Gilbert delivers with a speakers/narrators pace.

Guitar notes drag with melancholy and abnormal audio ambiance with catchy vocal melodies on A Return to the Earth Below.  Imperfect Divinity gives off the creepy feels with touches of crass-hopeless background chills.The Adorned Fathomless Creation is a death metal punch from note one with R&B inspired singing.

The Colors of Grace delivers the first set of clean male vocals and the closest thing to a duet with Opeth and Evanescence. September (Those Who Came Before) delivers a delicate, somber piano ritual, while Total Failure Apparatus is rock n’ roll, metal, R&B and a growled scream from Gilbert. They end in true moody, gothic fashion howling with a few drops of Type O’s Wolf Moon.

If you like your Opeth spiced with a little Adele and your death metal given R&B attitude, is your destination.


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