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OLEANDER- Something BeautifulPost-grunge band Oleander first hit the airwaves in 1999, with huge hits like Why I’m Here and I Walk Alone. Their music was featured in several popular television shows and movies and they continued to pump out the tunes until they went on hiatus in 2004. Though they apparently reunited in 2008, no new music was released and many fans surely wondered if Oleander had disappeared the way of many other bands of their era.

Finally, Oleander is back, releasing their latest album Something Beautiful on April 16,2013. They waste no time in reclaiming their rightful place in the musical universe, with a massive one-two punch at the very start of the album. As an opener, Fight  (featured on the WWE ’12 video game) is the perfect choice with its aggressive groove intense guitar riffs. This track will most definitely be a favorite when performed live, as the audience will be pounding their fists in the air and yelling “Fight!” along with the band. Following closely is the title track  Something Beautiful, an intense tune that highlights the vocal range of Thomas Flowers and leaves little question that Oleander is still a very relevant band. However, the album certainly still has shades of past Oleander music, and former fans will feel right at home popping this CD into their car stereo.

Bulletproof and Never Too Late both fool the listener into thinking they are hearing a ballad, until the guitars escort us into the heavy choruses. Flowers sweet voice and deep emotion on the hauntingly beautiful tracks Where Do We Go From Here and How Do We Say Goodbye will appeal to not only the ladies, but anyone who has experienced love lost.

After 9 years, Something Beautiful  was definitely worth the wait, as the band had time to be missed by fans, and will also be a new experience for those new listeners who are unfamiliar with their former glory.

Oleander is:

Thomas Flowers – vocals
Doug Eldridge – bass guitar
Ric Ivanisevich – guitar
Steve Brown – drums
Rich Mouser – guitar

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