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The spotlight shines brightly on Kimberly Freeman with her Dave Lee Roth-style high kicks and that fascinating voice, which resembles Jack Off Jill on occasions, then a female version of Serj Tankian on others.  Make no mistakes, this is a rock album for sure.  Jagged guitar with short bursts dancing in perfect time with the steady and solid drum provided by Jason Rufuss Sewell, aka “Junior,” provide the instrumentation for the colorful lyrical display offered up by Freeman.  They explore different textures throughout Committed, although when it gets too elaborate and bloated like it does on the final song, Monster, the quality suffers.

Thankfully there is a lot to recommend.  The opening salvo of the title track, Hoochie Mama, Superstar, and the change of flavor on Clean set things up very nicely oozing with hooks and character.  Tears On My Guitar is a highlight worthy of mention, along with Mean.  The lyric in the song Tears On My Guitar that glides along “The Devil is a boy with flames on his wrists/he bought my soul with a rhythm and a kiss” is sublime.  Then on track number seven they are seemingly possessed by the spirit of a rockabilly gypsy as the ears skip to the bouncy, The Loveland, reminding the listener of the varying textures and avenues that One-Eyed Doll can explore.

For those who are fans of the band, you may have noticed familiar song titles above which can be found on their debut album, Hole, and the title track of their second album, Monster.  These new versions clearly show improvement in sound quality.  Committed is now shorter in length and exhibits go-faster stripes, where Hoochie Mama is now slightly longer in duration but loses none of the potency.  From their image to their rock ‘n’ roll, One-Eyed Doll mean business with their fifth studio album.

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