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one_eyed_doll_witches_cover_updated_use_thisStandby Records is set to release , ’s sixth album on March 24, 2015; sure to be their most nefarious and hardest album to date.

, released as a concept album, tells the brutal story of the Salem Witch trials.   has taken their music and story to the masses with different instruments to surprise us all; sans guitar, they primarily play with the banjo and mandolin. The banjo is hard to distinguish and one might question what instrument it actually is but don’t make it too hard on yourselves–it’s a banjo, minus the twang sound; it has solid riffs with a very electric sound.

Vocalist, Kimberly Freeman, has a pure and mesmerizing sound through her solid vocals and drummer Jason Rufuss Sewell, (aka Junior), has mastered his craft well with each song smoothly transitioning into the next.

has proven with this album that they are a force to be reckoned with.  This album evokes sadness and sympathy when looking back at the persecution of the people of Salem who were called and died as the result of an unfair justice system.  Junior pounds it out on the drums right from the start with Ember, the first track on the CD.  Freeman starts the story in Ember, luring one in as if they were going to be watching the trial firsthand.  She showcases her vocals nicely in Witch Hunt, a hauntingly beautifully song. The last tune  on the album, The Ghost Of the Gallows Hill, is a six plus minute song, which is sure to quench the thirst of all One-Eyed Doll fans. Whether you have been a a fan from their first release,  Hole in 2007, or just started following them in recent years, Witches is a must for anyone in love with One-Eyed Doll.




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