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Onslaught - VIThe sixth studio album by this down to earth, UK-based thrash five-piece continues where Sounds of Violence left off.  The song-writing duo of Nige Rockett bouncing ideas off Andy Rosser-Davies has gained more momentum as their familiarity has evolved since that last album.  Their delivery is precise and technically proficient as they bound through Chaos is King and Fuel for My Fire right through to Dead Man Walking and Enemy of My Enemy.

With the sweeping movement of surface sand on the dunes under the baking hot sun, VI begins with a short atmospheric introduction called A New World Order.  It is finished in the blink of an eye when your soul is then grabbed by the lapels and your whole body is thrust against a stone wall.  The guilty culprit for such behavior is known as Chaos is King.  Reminiscent of Slayer as Sy Keeler delivers a clear yet growling vocal performance full of intent, the incredibly fast drumming from new guy Mic Mourihan adds the furious pace to this opening juggernaut.

Two evidently different sides of the band can be easily observed on VI.  Firstly 66 Fuckin’ 6 is a lyrical example of their tongue being firmly planted in the cheek, after witnessing comments left by a fanatical religious individual in response to reviewing a previous Onslaught album on a popular retail website. The second side of Onslaught can be heard on the mighty and impressive Children of the Sand which contains an underlying recognition for the soldiers out in Afghanistan, and encompasses a real string section plus a female vocal to strengthen its resolve.

It may be a short album in duration, but doesn’t under-estimate the commitment in quality or the intensity.  VI has found the right balance in brutality, song structure and delivery and should please most fans of thrash metal.  This one is an album that belongs in some of those top ten album lists you’ll see at the end of the year.

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