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In 2015, Outlaws & Moonshine released the EP 1919, which earned the band positive reviews (Screamer was among those giving the EP a thumbs-up). Now, the band has recorded five new songs, which they’ve combined with the original five on 1919, and the resulting collection is the LP Devil in the Moonshine.

With songs titled Devil in the Moonshine, Hey Y’All, Whiskey and Redneck Me, one would think this is a band that comes from a part of the country where flying the Confederate flag is still noncontroversial. However, Outlaws & Moonshine’s home is Indianapolis, more famous for the Indy 500 auto race than Southern rock. But make no mistake—wherever these five good ol’ boys (Beau Van – lead vocals, guitars; Mike Back – guitars, vocals; Travis – slide guitar; Chris Van – bass, vocals; Eric Piper – drums, percussion) get their Southern rock roots from, those roots are deep and authentic.

The first of the new songs is the title track. It starts with a hillbilly stomp and vocals set to a scratchy, AM radio type effect. It quickly shifts into an electrified rocker with a surprising twist—an acoustic slide guitar solo, with an electric guitar solo reserved for the fadeout of the song. Here Comes Bobby opens with more acoustic slide guitar, an instrument which is prevalent throughout the tune. The song’s lyrics are about a self-destructive lifestyle, and the bluesy, melancholy feel of the acoustic slide fit the mood of the song perfectly.

Don’t Be Scared, Ride or Die and Boom dispense with the acoustic guitar, and go full on electric. Don’t Be Scared is the heaviest of the new songs. Ride or Die slows it down a bit to speak of “putting your boots on one at a time, walking that country mile, and taking that deep breath when you realize you made it out alive.” Boom is a song about a girl (this is a Southern rock band, after all) that starts with a “Hell yeah!” and features a chorus of “She’s my boom, she’s my whiskey, she’s my country song.”

Check it out…Red Dirt rock, direct from Indiana. Hell yeah, indeed!


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  1. I just found this band this past week on Amazon Music and can’t stop rocking my stereo with their songs. I mean it is quality and well together and I wish they will keep em coming. Don’t know much else about them as its not much info out there. But if you want something different and haven’t heard them, you won’t regret it. I sure didn’t .

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