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Live In Overhausen captures the titans of East Coast thrash celebrating two album anniversaries.  A sold-out crowd of German Skullkrushers assembled at Turbinenhalle 2 in Oberhausen on April 16 for 25 years of ‘90s landmark record Horrorscope and 30 years of Feel The Fire.

30 years ago, the spark was lit and the world was introduced to the mean green, HammerHead, Rotten to the Core and Chaly’s wings.  25 years since the change was here and the future clear.  Encompassing their biggest charting and most successful release.

Both records were played start to finish finally giving fans a live version of several classics and rarities.  Blitz said he discovered via Google their first recorded (VHS) show was done in the same area of Germany on their first tour and they promised they’d come back.

The crowd got the hard thrash intricacies of ’91 first as the lights poured heat, strobes hit with the opening rumbles of Coma.  The war time killing commenced on Infectious.  Vintage Videoscope footage played as East Coast DJ Eddie Trunk narrated the segment talking about the success of Horrorscope along with Germany’s Rock Hard Magazine’s Thomas Kupfer.

Dave Linsk talked learning the classics and rarities on both records with D.D. telling stories of basement writing back in the day and long-term song memory.

Blood Money blistered the speakers and the dedicated road crew were given props.  Blitz thanked the crowd with Thanx for Nothin’.  The Halloween-like keys of Bare Bones stalked as Verni talked song success.  The deep grinding buzz intro of Horrorscope began.

Side two (if you bought it on cassette), began with New Machine as members discussed pre-show prep and rituals.

“Good ole thrash in Germany, nothing better,” Blitz said.

Edgar Winter never sounded heavier on FrankensteinLive Young, Die Free was played for the first and possibly last? time.   Nice Day for a Funeral saw the last rays of sunshine back to mother earth.

Issues with then drummer Ron Lipnicki happened with soundman Eddie Garcia saving the show and tour learning 27 songs, seven songs specific to the DVD show.  A regular set and two records with limited time.

Soulitude ended part one.

Many fans would say, Overkill’s a criminally underrated band.  Adding them with East Coast approval to number five if the Big Four expanded.  Kupfer called them the Motorhead of thrash.

The fire ignited as Raise the Dead clanged out.  Rotten to the Core stood the test of time as a continual set staple.

From the early ‘80s There’s No Tomorrow and Second Son sprang forth from the vaultBlitz talked performing songs that’ve been out of the set for years or decades.

Garcia beat the skins on Hammerhead as Blitz let the banshee scream on Feel the Fire.  They comically addressed the Kill at Command mishap prior to performance as they hadn’t played it since ’87.  A screw up in organization or cue cards caused the song to be re-done as Blitz held his hands up in sarcastic WTF reaction.

Overkill sealed everyone’s fate.  The show was also memorable as the first-time Elimination wasn’t played in God knows when, but it wouldn’t be an Overkill show without the one fingered salute.  We don’t care what you say!

Live In Overhausen captures the band defying age and time, playing like their fresh faces and new blood, celebrating 30 years of Skullkrushing metal.

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