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From these fast rising Swedish modern rockers, you get five songs.  According to Andie the drummer in the band, they have an impressive collection of brand new songs that haven’t yet been unleashed, but this will be remedied in time as they continue to gather momentum with their debut EP, Perfect Anomaly.  At times frantic, adrenaline charged and intent on making the ears rattle, and at other times keenly aware of their sense of melody, this EP is oozing potential and a self-belief that can only be the result of the various members coming together from previous bands.  Each member which includes Endigo handling lead vocal duties,  Kaz and Nikke abusing their guitars, Lynx plucking the bass and the aforementioned Andie bashing the skins, all worked their apprenticeships in other Swedish outfits and now as a collective known as Overworld, are set to take on the world with their brand of modern, melodic rock music.

Kicking off proceedings there’s the highly charged Until We’re Dead, which incidentally they’ve recently shot a music video for.  Stellar follows hot on the heels with a drive that propels the song forwards accompanied by some extra aggressive vocals in places.  Mixing rock n’roll with heavy metal riffs, Spider announces to all and sundry that its arrived.  “All I see is black and white” repeats halfway through this monster in a quiet moment before the song bursts back into life.  Track four is another frantic romp called Paper Heart which has a brief musical section near the beginning that’s reminiscent of Buffy The Vampire Slayer!  The title track finishes off this listening experience by starting out like a brutal hardcore instrumental workout.  Once it settles, the melodic tendencies surface but it retains its power.  They would sound at home supporting a band like the Black Veil Brides.

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